The Future of Virtual Landline in Business Communication

Business world is always progressing and evolving in order to meet the demands and challenges of the present and to be all set for the future. More and more businesses are embracing the remote working model, and thus there is increasing demand for a fast and reliable mode of communication. Enterprise level communication is significantly different from consumer level or household communication. For instance, domestic users generally use landlines to make or receive calls; sometimes check voicemails too. We know that conventional landlines have limited features. On the other hand, businesses nowadays have shifted to advanced features and formats such as email, SMS marketing, social networking, and CRM integrations and so on. Additionally, businesses also rely on voice calls, for taking orders as well as to provide extensive customer support.

Conventional landlines and PBX systems lack most of these features. These systems have not changed or evolved much and thus these are no longer compatible for business communication. Successful businesses invest in quality services. Why? Because just a few minutes of downtime can significantly impact a company’s revenue as well as tarnish the brand’s image. In order to meet the demands and challenges of business communication in today’s digital era, landlines offer ideal solutions. Here is how!

What are Virtual landlines?

Virtual landline are cloud based phone systems that work through the internet. Calls are transmitted in the form of digital signals “codecs” that travel through internet connection. With this phone system, you do not require a physical setup or hardware installation as required with conventional PBX. Cloud phone systems enable you to make and receive calls through internet connection. There is no need for hardware setup. Furthermore, you can make and receive calls through any IP-enabled device such as PC, tablet, smartphone etc.

Here is why virtual landlines are the future of business communication!

  • Feature-rich technology and affordability 

Switching to cloud based telephony save additional costs of hardware, installation fee, and

maintenance and so on. Furthermore, the service providers offer a range of packages to choose from. There are no long term contracts. The system is easy to scale up and all processes are fast and hassle free; saving your time and budget. Since this system works through internet connection, you can save hefty phone bills and expenses of international calls as well.

  • Reliable and secure connectivity 

Choosing cloud based systems ensures that all the businesses processes go smoothly and efficiently as they must be. Whether the team is working remotely or from the office, they can stay connected. Customer care team can provide ultra-responsive customer support, that too 24/7. This omnipresent availability is the prime benefit of cloud based phone systems.

  • Better operational efficiency 

With the integration of landline numbers, your team can route and redirect calls to available agents or other devices. The whole process takes a few moments and thus saves time. Another useful aspect is enhanced functionality. With cloud based technology, all data is readily available to the whole team, so they can prioritize leads and thus better conversion rate. Virtual phone numbers are based on VoIP technology that enables streamline customer support from all channels. One of the exceptional features of landlines is that it allows app integrations such as emails, SMS marketing software, CRM software and others. Most importantly, there is always the option of scalability. You can add or remove phone lines whenever you want as per your business requirement. And the process is easy and hassle free too. These features are truly a game changer for both new as well as already established businesses.

  • Flexibility and mobility 

Accessibility is a key benefit of virtual phone systems. The cloud based VoIP technology enables you to stay connected with your team even if working remotely or traveling etc. The only requirement is steady internet connection and app integration on any device. It can be your tablet, PC or smartphone as well. This flexibility is impossible with the conventional phone systems. Therefore, businesses are increasingly switching to this robust technology.

  • Easy collaborations 

Collaboration and communication is the key to ensure a streamline workflow to get optimal results. According to a recent survey, in the UK about 84% of remotely working employees would want to meet their team members at least once a week. No doubt, team collaboration directly boosts team productivity as the team members can share ideas, new leads, and strategies and so on. landlines and VoIP technology offer easier collaborations and better communication among team members and different departments of a company. Furthermore, there are various useful, advanced and innovative features. These include unlimited calls, texts, shared call recordings, call forwarding, voicemails, auto attendant etc. for better business communication. 

Bottom line

landlines offer reliable, secure and affordable solutions for business communication. These cloud based phone systems are digital alternatives of traditional landline systems and are ideal choices for business. Traditional landlines offer limited features, require set up cost, regular maintenance and employees are bound to stay in the office. With landlines, there is no such limitation. This phone system allows omnipresent availability, innovative features, and exceptional services and is budget friendly. 

Frequently Asked Questions  

What is a Landline number?

landline allows you to make and receive calls through internet connection. Since this is cloud based technology, the landline number exists in the cloud and is not limited to a physical phone line.

Can I have a Landline?

landlines are ideal for fast, reliable and affordable communication as long as you have stable internet connection. Based on their innovative features, these cloud based phone systems are excellent choices for businesses as well. Xinix is among the top rated service providers for best landline UK.  

How do I use Landline?

Once you sign up and follow the registration process, you will have access to virtual numbers. You can also install its app on your devices such as desktop, tablet or smartphone. You can route and redirect calls to these devices using a virtual number.

Can I make a call with a virtual number?

Yes, you can make and receive calls from virtual numbers. There is an added benefit of mobility that you can make or receive calls from different devices and different locations as this phone system works through internet connection and is not confined to one specific location. 

Does Landline work abroad?

landlines definitely work for international calls. You need a stable internet connection and your virtual number to make and receive international calls at minimal rates. 

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