Partner Pack - XINIX

Partner Pack

Thank you for enquiring about Xinix services, here you will find presentation of all our products and services along with a comprehensive price list. You can start your telco business with no set up fee and be operational within minutes.

Xinix Partner Presentation

Based in the UK, Xinix is a global telecommunications service provider supplying quality and affordable telecom solutions to SME and corporate businesses. This presentation is an effort on our side to showcase our products and services and our journey since our inception in 2013.


Xinix VoIP PBX Version 41

Xinix releases new version of their PBX system;
New release version includes;
1. Text to Speech
2. Sites
3. Fax2Email
4. Single sign in
5. MFA (Multi factor authentication)
6. Emoji and reworked organisation panel
7. Group Chat
8. MMS
9. Add multiple agents
10. Meeting


Start Your Tecom Business

Detailed information on how Xinix switch and billing paltforms are set up. The Multi-Tenant edition of Xinix is a voipswitch with multi- tenancy architecture supporting many tenants with multiple levels of administration providing different permissions.


activeSWITCH Price List

Our price lists of Hosted VoIP and SIP channels.


sipdesk Communicator Sales Presentation

sipdesk Communicator is our soft phone designed to integrate in to over 100 CRMs. This sales presentation details the product architecture and its features.


Inbound Call Centre Software

Improve your customer experience, with features such as;
β€’ Average hold time
β€’ Abandon rate
β€’ Average wait time
β€’ Missed calls
β€’ To voicemail
β€’ and Talk time


List of Supported Devices

List of supported devices compatiable with Xinix Switch


Headset Compatibility

See which phone brand and model is compatibale with which headset.


Reseller User Guide - Xinix Switch

Manage your customers and SIP trunks in one interface.