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Business Voip and emerging trends

Telecommunications has radically altered over the last few decades. Likewise, landline usage has decreased yearly since 2004, and business VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol has overtaken the traditional landlines for personal and business use.

Business VoIP only needs a high-speed internet connection to place and receive phone calls across the globe. In addition, business VoIP is usable on your desk phone, laptop, or mobile phone, so VoIP is the most viable option for businesses.

VoIP Trends of 2021

Industry experts have predicted the market valuation of business VoIP to reach over $93.2 billion by 2024. As more technological advancements occur, so do the trends related to VoIP. Additional development in complementary technologies, for instance, unified communications, artificial intelligence, video conferencing services, 5G, and other technologies, may induce new growth in the VoIP industry. Hence, it is essential to know the latest trends because they help your business benefit from VoIP technology.

Unified Communications

The increasing growth of unified communication systems has integrated disparate communication tools. For instance, it includes voice and video calls, messaging applications, and various others into a single easy-to-use platform. The ability to communicate effortlessly is key to normal daily organizational operations of every size, especially since the rise in remote working since the Covid-19 lockdowns.

It is a universal need for businesses, healthcare and educational institutions, and other service-related operations. Here, the incorporation of united communications and business VoIP systems plays an important role. It allows businesses to continue their communication-based operations in a remote, secure environment now and in the future.


5G xinix

As the business world is becoming more fast-paced, so the communication needs are adapting as well. 5G networks help businesses to fulfill such communication needs. So it is amongst the most awaited trend in 2021. There are many reasons behind the anticipation for 5G. For instance,

  • Eradicates call distortion and decreases dropped call
  • Allows faster rates of response and speed of communication
  • Grants reliable broadband connection for internet users

A reliable internet connection is the most paramount business need as unstable communication networks can lead to revenue loss. Although, 5G will alter the running speed of the internet broadband. With 5G, the average internet rate of 1GB per second will to over 20GB per second will significantly increase the internet speed.


Likewise, the combination of business VoIP with 5G will render the tantamount of a fiber-optic broadband connection to cell phone users. As a result, it depicts that business VoIP is the most viable solution on a massive scale. Business VoIP combined with 5G further enhances unified communication and decreases the communication costs for organizations with international operations. Similarly, Xinix aims to help make your business communications great by offering unmatched reliability, security, and scale. There is no reason why your business shouldn’t be advancing from our wide range of communication solutions.

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