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According to Barco research, 9 out of 10 UK office employees undergo extremely elevated levels of stress whenever they deal with bothersome boardroom technology during their meetings. The heart rates of employees rose to 179bpm at any time they grapple with technology in the course of a meeting as compared to the 60-100bpm heart rate when one is resting which is a distinct indicator of stress.
The research further indicated that more than 50% of UK business persons who are frequently obliged to take some time away from their desk to struggle with boardroom technology do so quite often. This results to major negative implications for both the employee and the business itself.

Improperly functioning meeting room technology is a huge impediment to productivity. Some of the largest challenges for UK office workers were finding the correct cables for connecting to in-room devices and sharing screens and content. In a bid to deal with these tech-related problems, the workforce ends up wasting valuable time; 60% of those faced by the problems try to fix them on their own while 49% of the staff call for tech/IT support. However, 30 percent resort to their plan B after completely giving up with the tech. 15% end up postponing meetings up to a time when a solution can be found for the tech problems. In fact, 90% of office employees have the tendency of initially preparing for tech failure through the preparation of handouts as a substitute to the tech, advance coordination with the IT team and 44% even carry out a technology rehearsal.

A quarter of UK office employees end up missing some critical deadlines as a result of struggling with boardroom technology and some (7%) end up missing out on individual openings such as promotions. It is quite distressing that 15% of those that end up fumbling with conference room tech lose lost the firm business. This is a clear indicator that poorly performing boardroom technology has an impending knock on effect of destroying both personal and company reputations. In this business environment, 81% of the survey participants believe that conference technology must be taken with more seriousness.

The Director of Mind Labs International, Dr David Lewis who is also a Neuropsychologist said that people show a definitive stress response the moment they are faced with difficulty in operating meeting room tech. On that note, Dr Lewis insisted that with the negative impact that this stress brings to business offices, elimination of the stresses needs to be among the top priorities of a business.

The Head of Product Management ClickShare, Lieven Bertier said that investing in seamlessly operational boardroom technology that works with just the click of a button will substantially tone down the complexity and stress that the office employees are often faced with. Once the office workforce is able to collaborate more easily and share screens more easily, businesses will definitely benefit from this because they will become more efficient. This therefore translates to positive growth on the outcome of the business and its bottom line.

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