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Disaster Recovery For Call Centres

This is a very crucial strategy for call centres.

VICIdial Disaster Recovery Plan

Why is Disaster Recovery So Vital?

You may think that the single costliest resource of any call centre is the hardware the data or even the calls that are being made, but no! The staff is actually the most expensive resource. The majority of the call centres tend to spend a minimum of 80% of their budget on the income and bonuses of the workforce. Those wages have to be paid irrespective of whether the dialler is in operation or not. Therefore, this means that the it is critical that downtime is minimized as much as possible.

How Do We Keep Downtime On the Minimum?

We cannot stop your data from running out, it’s upon you to manage it (even though we will be keeping an eye out and let you know if your data starts running out!). There are actually only four other areas where things could go wrong; server hardware failures, database corruption, internet outage and call transit.

How Do We Manage Hardware Failures?

The data of our clients is not stored in only one place. We make random backups in several secure location as part of our strategy for disaster recovery. We have several redundant servers, therefore, in the case of a calamitous physical failure (which we never have), then we will easily have the ability to bring the servers back on different hardware in a matter of minutes.

How Do We Manage Corruption of the Database?

All the databases of our customers are put into storage on a separate hardware from the main servers and we take frequent backups. None of the databases that we have, have ever been corrupted. The strategy of disaster recovery enables us to roll back to the previous version in just a few minutes! We also store call recordings away from the main servers to prevent them from being affected in case of a corruption of the database.

How Do We Manage Outages of the Internet?

Melbourne Server Hosting hosts our servers in Manchester. Principally, they lay on top of any of the three national internet hubs. If they happen to be down, then it is highly likely that the internet is also down. In the last two years, we have experienced only three internet outages at Melbourne and that outage time adds up to a total of less than two full hours.

How Do We Manage Problems of Call Transit?

Every single client that we have has both a main and a backup call trunk. Apart from that, there are two extra trunks which can still be activated in just an hour in case of a disaster recovery circumstance. This therefore means that we would have to lose four calling routes before our customers are unable to dial completely!

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