Develop Trust with Your Customers with Verbal Communication

develop verbal communicationA recent study showed that listening to customers and their problems leads to greater customer satisfaction. This eventually led to more business. Meanwhile, when designing business strategy, it is valuable to include customer feedback and communication to grow your business with time. 

There are many ways to communicate with your customers, including surveys. personal visits/interviews, focus groups, and complaint analysis. Although personal interaction still stands first, voice communication is the most impactful method to approach your clients and deal for an enhanced relationship with them. 

The Value of Verbal Communication

In a study published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology, it was observed that compared to text messages or email, voice-based communication tends to create a stronger social bond. They found that interactions including talking—both over the phone and with video—created stronger social bonds. Participants reported that they felt more connected to  the person they spoke with, even with strangers.

According to study co-author Amit Kumar, Ph.D., assistant professor of marketing and psychology at the University of Texas at Austin, for truly connecting with people, the value of voice is the key.

Meanwhile, by placing a phone call to a customer, you not only develop a personal connection with them but also show that they are valued and you are willing to invest your time, effort, and resources for them.

Wondering How to Do That?

Starting from the invention of telegram, formal communication today has become quite convenient and effective with technological revolutions. With VoIP, PBX, CRM, and call centre software, it has become a piece of cake to interact with your customers beyond all geographical barriers.

Cloud call centre software didn’t gain popularity until the mid-2000s. However, with an adoption rate of approximately 60%, they have been approved since and become a go-to solution for the majority of call centre’s and businesses. 

There are many options for you to shift your communication strategy from texting to verbal communication with your customers. We understand the significance and offer you many solutions to help you develop online telephone communication. With our VoIP, and API system, you can set up your informal means for it. However, if you intend to develop a proper system with the ability to send inbound and outbound calls, our call centre cloud software is the perfect choice for your business. 

Vicidial Xinix Inbound and Outbound Call Centre Software 

Vicidial is the most advanced inbound call centre software as well as outbound call centre software – meaning it has integrated features for both services so you can focus on both sides of your business from the same platform!

But, don’t forget to develop a proper verbal communication strategy!

Implementing voice communication without a concrete strategy can, like with most things, cause more harm than benefit. Adding a voice communication technology without a proper strategy and roadmap may throw an organization into chaos and add needless complexity to operations, which will reflect badly on customer experiences.

Consider the following things to develop a most effective strategy and get a more positive outcome:

  • Teach and guide your call centre representatives in effective customer communication.
  • Use call recording software to check performance by listening to voice calls.
  • Use CRM to tag calls and obtain insight cards as part of the process.
  • Customize call centres scripts to the requirements of the customers.
  • Reduce wait times so that consumers feel valued.
  • Make use of tools that allow for warm transfers, and try to give context before a call is sent to another agent.
  • Provide clients with self-service choices, such as an interactive voice response system, so they may decide when to talk with a human person.
  • Use call centre analytics to keep track of significant variables like first-call resolution rates.

Features in our Vicidial Xinix Call Centre Cloud Software

There are numerous features included in our all packages that allow you to reach out to your customers competently. With advanced features like IVR Automation, click-to-listen, integrated call recordings. Call list importing, mobile filtering, call routing (time, skill, and round-based) remote login. And a quality control module, Xinix provides you with cost-effective cloud software solutions so you can develop a long-lasting impression on your customers and positively enhance your business! 

At Xinix, we acknowledge the importance of effective verbal communications in expanding and maintaining the viability of your business. You have what it takes to demonstrate to clients that you pay attention to and understand them. With the correct cloud phone system and the help of the numerous software integrations offered by Vicidial.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is verbal communication?

Verbal Communication is basically when you verbally talk to the other person. In business, it refers to making telephonic calls to potential customers, known as the outbound call centre software feature, or receiving and answering queries and concerns of existing or potential clients with the inbound call centre software feature. 

What is inbound call centre software?

An inbound call centre software allows you to conveniently manage the volume of incoming calls. They are mostly made by existing customers seeking help or potential customers asking about the services. Our cloud call centre software gives you both, inbound and outbound features in the same package. So you can manage your business meritoriously from one place. 

Which technology is used by the call centre?

Typically call centre’s had automatic dialers, however, the technology has advanced greatly allowing you to use the Interactive Voice Response feature. Customer Relationship Management and VoIP technology to help you sustain your business most impactfully. 

What are the features of call centre software for small business?

Xinix offers you a whole load of features at very budget-friendly rates. We have our four packages which vary in the number of features. So you can get the package that aligns best with your budget and business requirements. Our packages are designed in a way so you can cater the needs of your customers without needing to worry about exceeding your monthly budget. Meanwhile, our first two packages are most suitable for call centre software for small businesses. For more information about our packages, refer to our Call Centre Dialer Software Packages on Xinix World.

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