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All About Residential Service

Global Management of White Branded VoIP Service

Active SoftSwitch can provide residential consumers or end users significantly reduced calling costs, streamlined billing and a vast range of user-friendly features; the key aspects that make residential internet telecom services immensely popular. The strategic advantages make it quite lucrative to ITSPs and other carriers who are looking to extend their current operations and boost their overall revenue.

Who is it for?

  • Corporations that are debuting Vonage-like services
  • Establishments in competition with local telecom providers by offering advanced 3rd generation services such as mobility and follow me.
  • Carriers looking to boost their proceeds from an increase in wholesale traffic.
  • ITSPs who are venturing into new residential and retail markets where there is deregulation in the telecom market.
  • Service providers who are aiming at extending their current VoIP reseller services.

How Does It Work?

The service provider gives the end user an international or a local DID number so that the user is able to make and receive phone calls. The caller then directly calls the long-distance or local number that he/she desires. The call is transferred via the high-speed internet connection of the client. Once the call is made, it is billed to the account balance of the caller.
Users can log into the self-sufficient interface of the account at any given time to access a vast range of features such as; payment information, the data of service usage and call history (CDRs/xDRs) and language options.

Main Features

  • First of all, there is a wide selection of standard and optional features that are quite popular with users and this translates to a great potential to generate revenue. Some of these standard features include; three-way calling, caller ID, call transfer, call forwarding and call waiting. Optional features are such as; web-based email and voicemail.
  • Simplified accounts and batch management.
  • The ability for customers to retain their existing analogue phone numbers.
  • The system is able to accommodate an unlimited number of accounts.
  • The E-commerce module, web subscription and credit card payment system fully abides by the standards set by Visa security.
  • Adjustable, wizard-driven call billings which consist of peak and off-peak periods.
  • Thorough and customizable reporting features which enable the service providers to easily keep tabs on all types of call information such as destination, ASR and time.
  • Comprehensive analysis per VoIP wholesaler with respect to the traffic and the generated proceeds.
  • Function for remote bulk configuring of the SIP user agents (Grandstream, Sipura, Cisco ATA) of the end users.

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