5 Best Bulk SMS Marketing Software Services in 2023

One of the highly effective mass communication tools, SMS marketing has undoubtedly revolutionized conventional marketing strategies. Short message service (SMS) marketing is the marketing strategy used by brands and businesses to promote their products and services. Bulk SMS marketing service enables a brand or business to send direct text messages to a large number of potential customers. This marketing strategy helps quick spread of messages especially when it comes to managing time sensitive campaigns.

For this purpose, businesses use bulk SMS marketing software to send promotional texts to potential customers. The texts can be specials, coupons, promotions, offers, alerts, and so on. Moreover, these are precise, highly targeted and permission-based.  

About 91.53% of the global population uses or has access to cell phones, mostly smartphones. So the idea of sending promotional text messages is undoubtedly great. Business promotion and marketing via SMS can target the maximum of potential customers.

Why choose SMS marketing? 

SMS or text messages are instant. It’s a matter of seconds that your promotional texts can reach hundreds and thousands of potential customers. These are precisely crafted, instant, trackable and directly address the subject and can deliver significant ROI. 

Let’s have a look what statistic reveal:

SMS and email marketing are somewhat similar, but there is a significant difference in response rate. SMS marketing has incredible response and engagement. The average response rate of such promotional texts is about 45%. On the other hand, the response rate of emails is just 6%.On average, a person takes only 90 seconds to respond to a text. And let’s not forget about the huge number (about 49.7%) of emails that go straight to spam or trash folder.

With sms marketing, you are reaching your clients at their favorite device. An average person touches the mobile a staggering 2,617 times a day. Therefore, it is easy to guess that a major portion of website traffic comes from smartphones.

With an average CTR (click-through-rate) of 19%, SMS marketing excels various other marketing strategies.

More than 5 billion people send and receive SMS messages every day.  There is an average opening rate of 98%. 

Last but not the least, promotional sms are permission based.  This way, as a brand, you can better analyze your customer’s interests and liking.                                                                                                                      

Top 5 Bulk SMS Marketing Software Services 

A large number of companies offer SMS Marketing Services. Packages, prices, subscription fees, quality of services, customer support, reviews and ratings; there are so many things to consider. You must be sure of the quality of services along with the cost effectiveness and reliability of service being offered.

Here we have picked leading names for sms marketing software in uk: 

  • Xinix 

Xinix is among the top-rated and trusted names for offering bulk sms marketing software in UK. With the basic package starting from just £25 /mon, it’s easy to send thousands of instant messages with guaranteed delivery. Some of the key features of their SMS marketing software include:

  • Bulk SMS
  • Unlimited contacts, users and sub accounts
  • Ultra responsive 24/7 customer care
  • API access means easy integration of other application 
  • Free reply number (to get response of SMS campaigns)
  • Keyword that is 5 digit short code
  • An automated text back unsubscription feature
  • Competitive prices with free first trial and much more

Xinix enables you to build hyper-personalized SMS marketing campaigns. You can pre-plan campaigns for days, weeks or months. Another useful feature is segmentation of your customers. This feature enables you to group your customers and send them promotional text as per their interest and liking. Furthermore, the precise setting of tools and ingenious system ensures instant and guaranteed delivery of text messages to a large number of recipients.   

  • Twilio MessagingX

Twilio is another prominent provider of SMS Marketing Services. Starting prices of $0.0075 per message, Twilio offers reliable sms marketing solutions. Furthermore, this software supports SMS, WhatsApp chat, multimedia messages, Facebook as well as Google’s  Business Messenger.

  • SlickText

Another trusted name in sms marketing, SlickText is known for its intuitive and user friendly services. In addition to creating and managing bulk sms campaigns, they also offer tools like website popups, landing pages, custom QR codes, and third-party integrations. Their packages start from $29.00/month.

  • TextMagic 

TextMagic offers SMS Marketing Services to enable the business to connect with their customers. TextMagic offers two-way SMS messages, instant messages, SMS via email, SMS software for desktop, SMS distribution list and more. With starting prices of $10.00/one-time, they offer a free first trial as well. 

  • ClickSend

ClickSend is known as the powerful communication platform for offering excellent business marketing solutions. Their products are user-friendly and are simply reliable including bulk texts, transactional SMS, email marketing or other multi-channel marketing campaigns. 

SMS marketing trends in 2023

Based on the statistical data and efficacy of this marketing strategy, bulk SMS marketing is going to be an even bigger trend in 2023. Statistics suggest that more than 75% of the customers prefer to receive promotional text messages. Furthermore, text marketing has a higher conversion rate as compared to several other marketing strategies. This is an instant, affordable and reliable way to reach the maximum of your audience. That’s why more and more brands are using this marketing strategy to reach a larger number of customers, grow ecommerce revenue, nurture leads, build email lists, have real time data and build stronger business-customers relationships. 


What is bulk message marketing?

Bulk messages or bulk SMS marketing is used by businesses for marketing purpose. This marketing strategy involves sending direct text messages to a large number of audience at once.    

Who can make use of bulk SMS services?

Bulk SMS marketing services are used by many brands and businesses in order to advertise and promote their products and to reach out to their clients. SMS marketing is equally useful for retailers, B2B businesses, financial institutions, banks, brands, travel agencies, or potentially any type of small to large scale business.

How can I send a bulk SMS?

In order to apply this marketing strategy, you need to have a contact list of your customers. Then you will need a marketing agency offering bulk SMS services.  Using their bulk SMS software, you can send your personalized promotional text message to large number of clients, all at once.

What are the benefits of bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS marketing is proven to be more effective and affordable compared to other marketing campaigns. Given that 92% 0f global population has access to cellphones, SMS marketing is ideal to reach hundreds and thousands of clients in no time. It allows you to target whole database of audience. Text messages are delivered within seconds and thus great for time-sensitive promotional campaigns.  

How to send bulk SMS in UK?

There are multiple telecom and marketing agencies who offer bulk SMS services. Xinix is one of leading and trusted SMS marketing service provider; offering exceptional services with affordable packages.

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