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The global debate on the benefits and advantages of Unified Communications, including a VoIP phone system, particularly in view of the pandemic situation, has been a hot topic lately.

Not specified to one industry, secure cloud-based VoIP communication systems have penetrated and become an integral part of every industry, not the IT alone. Similarly, the healthcare industry is seeking endless benefits through VoIP.

With rising clinical and administrative costs, not to mention, following the global pandemic, we see a more rigorous patient safety procedure in action. The work of health care workers has become complicated than ever before.

In light of the evolving needs and changing times, health care facilities are making every possible effort to take full advantage of the recent technological advances. Taking everyday communications into consideration, healthcare facilities need to switch to VoIP phone systems in order to boost everyday communication, including sharing of patient data, safeguarding patient privacy, and at the same time improving health care outcomes.

With Hosted VoIP phone systems in place, we can see healthcare ministries, community organizations, hospitals, and other medical facilities implementing advanced communication and data services for faster access to patient information. With VoIP services, the healthcare industry can guarantee a reliable, secure, and flexible IT environment that supports clinical applications.
Calling VoIP a game-changer for the healthcare industry wouldn’t be wrong at all, as it allows for faster and more reliable communication.

1. Reinforces Robust Safety Policies

Patient health information which includes complete medical history, health conditions, and lab test results are prone to cyber-attacks. These records, including private faxes as well as sensitive data such as voicemails, are vulnerable to hacking in exchange for a heavy ransom. For hackers, intercepting analog or digital phone systems becomes easy if the systems are outdated or not 100% secure. This is not only exceedingly catastrophic for the organization, but the affected patients suffer equally. Hence, it is essential to follow a safety procedure to make sure the information is 100% secure and unattainable.

Such situations, however, can be evaded if the phone provider has instilled robust security procedures to sustain their customers’ privacy protection. VoIP phone systems have built-in with enterprise-level encryption, constant monitoring, and regular maintenance evaluations to ensure that any unusual or suspicious activity that takes place is easily identified and addressed immediately. For that, it is essential to choose a fully-compliant VoIP phone provider.

2. Boosts Work Productivity

For healthcare employees, task management is quite stressful, and at the same time, needs to be done carefully to avoid any mistakes. With constant demands coming in, it is crucial to make sure efficient and quick-result generating processes are put in place to ensure a smooth workflow. A reliable VoIP phone system can help in boosting work productivity and efficiency in healthcare facilities. A VoIP phone system isn’t just a powerful tool to make and receive calls, various other useful features can help lessen the piled-up priority tasks, and streamline daily operations.

The auto-attendant feature can quickly connect patients to the concerned department. Setting up call-routing helps deliver an easy-to-use voice menu that the caller can choose as per need. Additionally, a VoIP phone system can facilitate transcribing voicemails to text, which can then be accessed easily from any device, any time.

3. Enhances Doctor-Patient Experience

Any healthcare specialist aims to ensure that patients receive outstanding care and service. No matter how strenuous the conditions are, healthcare workers function untiringly to ensure that patient satisfaction is safeguarded.

VoIP phone solutions can help in uplifting the patient care experience for hospitals as well as small-scale medical facilities. VoIP improves the overall experience through:

HD audio quality – VoIP phone system offers an improved voice quality which allows information gathering to be done quickly without disturbances. This is particularly important in case of emergency calls when you need to make sure that accurate information is made possible without any call drops.

Call queue on priority – emergency calls are easy to recognise and further, are prioritized in accordance.

Customized messages – callers are kept well-informed throughout the service hours and can easily access suitable GPs, registered nurses, and other medical specialists through customized messages.

4. No burdensome setup and complicated management

Mostly, legacy phone systems are complicated and not easy to manage, especially on a very busy day. Previous practices included healthcare facilities to be outsourcing tasks to off-site IT support staff, which could get raise the expenses tenfold.

This isn’t the case with a Hosted VoIP system. A simple and easy management console or online portal maintains the record automatically, is highly customizable, and also easy to manage. The regular staff can easily be trained to answer calls, activate routing and forwarding without the need for hiring an additional IT team to manage it. If any changes need to be made to the voicemail or even call forwarding settings, staff members can do it in a zap.

5. Quicker Communications on the move!

Delivering the highest quality services can only be maintained through swift and steady communication that remains consistent. Mobile communications are witnessed as remarkably beneficial in modern healthcare as it has made the communication process smooth and faster. Physicians, nurses, and other medical staff are frequently moving around and hence, require an infrastructure that can help them stay in action without any setbacks.

A VoIP solution can enable in uniting the phone systems of multiple locations to one extension which can is easy to access from anywhere. This state-of-the-art solution authorizes users to install softphones on both PCs as well as handheld devices. Whether a user is working in the office or is traveling, the softphone app provides multiple features that help them continue their daily operations without any holdups.

6. A Flexible & Scalable Solution

Traditional phone systems regrettably require organizations to make large investments in purchasing expensive as well as extensive equipment for day-to-day operations. This system is only affordable for large organizations or medical facilities however, small clinics or healthcare setups cannot afford to install expensive legacy systems. And this just isn’t it; the problem escalates when the organization outgrows its current system and needs to spend even more money to put up with their growing needs.

This unmanageable cycle can be escaped from through a scalable and flexible cloud-based VoIP solution. The VoIP phone system allows organizations, both big and small, to control and easily scale the system up or down according to the need. All this costs ten times less than the traditional systems, even after upgrading the system.

7. Simplified Analytics & Reporting

What if you get a phone system that provides you with fully secure and detailed insights about your customers? With a VoIP phone system installed, you can easily make key decisions to effectively meet your needs without having to invest a lot of time and effort.

A VoIP phone system isn’t just your means to make or receive calls. Its built-in proficient system with CRM integrations can provide you with in-depth analytics, which is exceedingly valuable, especially for healthcare. Healthcare administrators can take quicker administrative, financial decisions, and strategic care decisions using the already available qualitative data.

8. Video / Audio Conferencing

Following the global pandemic crises, video and audio conferencing have become the need of the hour, particularly for the health sector. It has simplified communications by breaking down barriers and connecting everyone globally.

This technology has aided the healthcare staff in effectively producing better outcomes. Arranging virtual meetings can cut back on expenses, reduce scheduling conflicts, which ultimately saves time. Video conferencing allows face-to-face interaction, which enables doctors and patients to have a personalized virtual environment to consult with each other from any location. Xinix can deliver this feature without the need purchase any extra hardware or software.

10. Cost-cutting made possible

The Healthcare sector requires sufficient funding to alleviate the increasing costs of running daily operations and administration. But in truth, a constricted budget is challenging particularly when expenses swell. Hence, this sector requires cost-effective solutions for maintaining day-to-day affairs smoothly… and that’s where a VoIP phone system comes in.

Cloud-based Hosted phone service provides affordable, fast, and simple installation and can easily moderate the costs of maintenance, include remote upgradation. This reduces the need for constant troubleshooting visits by network engineers or technicians, thus reducing the wait times for needed maintenance.

A reliable VoIP solution enhances healthcare, apart from cutting down expenses on communication costs and time spent on waiting to fix a particular issue whenever occurred.

A VoIP provider can swiftly integrate a scalable phone system, thus enabling organizations to pay for what they require, without any un-needed add-ons.

Regardless of what the future brings, a cloud-based Hosted VoIP system is here to stay, evolve, take on challenges, and continue towards the betterment of you, me, and everyone else.

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