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The latest 5G technology is expected to transform digital telephony such as VoIP phone systems. What we expect is a reliable connection, faster speed, lower latency, exceptional call quality, and more network capacity. 5G offers exceptionally high network capacity making it possible to have more concurrent VoIP calls. VoIP over 5G is going to be an ideal choice for organizations and businesses that are heavily reliant on VoIP telephony for their day-to-day activities.

Voice over Internet protocol is cloud-based telephony – the technology that allows you to make and receive calls over the Internet. VoIP has already replaced much of the conventional PSTN and landline phone system. The cloud-based telephony converts voice signals into digital data packets for faster transmission. Furthermore, it offers many advanced features that are lacking in traditional phone systems.     

5G refers to the fifth generation of mobile networks; the fastest and latest since the first generation that was introduced in the 1980s. The latest wireless standard of 5G was introduced in 2019. Furthermore, it offers massive quality of service upgrades over the current 4G ensuring exceptional VoIP reliability on 5G networks

The 5G network broadcasts between 30 – 300 GHz compared to 4G which broadcasts below 6 GHz. Thus, the latest 5G is offering 20 times faster speed than 4G; almost equivalent to having a fiber optic internet connection for average users.

5G rollout across the UK

The UK has been actively investing in 5G infrastructure, which is indeed a crucial and much-needed step towards a more connected and technologically advanced future. With the progressive 5G rollout across the UK, all four major mobile operators have launched 5G services. 

This latest wireless technology has a promising future and in upcoming years network operators will be able to expand their coverage across the UK. 

What to expect from VoIP and 5G network integration: 

The cloud-based telephony and services such as VoIP rely heavily on network stability and speed. VoIP over a 5G network offers a more reliable and fast connection. The problem with previous networks is that they tend to become slowed down, and have low capacity and high latency. With 5G-enabled VoIP services, there is no such issue as 5G offers enhanced capacity, no bandwidth limitation, and low latency.

Benefits of VoIP over 5G

Voip over 5G network is indeed a massive breakthrough in the field of digital communication. VoIP for businesses on 5G networks is an ideal solution as internet speed and bandwidth will no longer be a constraint. Voip users may expect low network latency, enhanced throughput, reliability, 100% availability, and enhanced bandwidth, all with block error ratios as low as 0.00001 per ms (this is 0.01 for 4G).

Here is how VoIP and 5G network integration will transform the VOIP experience for good:

Improved calling and collaboration

VoIP calls made over 5G networks are of significantly better quality than previous generations of cellular networks.

4G network uses limited bandwidth, a reason why users experience buffering and call lag in case of heavy network traffic. 5G, on the other hand, is capable of routing calls to another location when a traffic channel is used. This ensures seamless connectivity and high-quality video and audio communications. This feature is particularly useful for hybrid working and remotely working teams.

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Low network latency

Another of the key benefits of VoIP over 5G is low network latency. 5G has a network latency of 9ms compared to 16ms of 4G and other cellular network connections. Low latency means there will be less of a delay in VoIP calls. 

Transforming the VoIP experience

VoIP for businesses on 5G networks brings forth potential opportunities for organizations as bandwidth is no longer a constraint. VoIP features on 5G networks are really on a whole new level. We can expect an enhanced video conferencing experience, reduced buffering with increased speed, and reduced lag.    

Similarly, mobile VoIP users often face connectivity issues and poor call quality due to the limited bandwidth of a 4G connection. 4G offers 12Mbps and 2Mbps upload and download speeds respectively. With 5G, there is no such limitation and thus 5G-enabled VoIP services are more reliable, fast, and efficient with exceptional call quality.

Final thoughts

Voip over 5G networks can truly transform the whole communication system. A powerful synergy, VoIP, and 5G network integration offer exceptional call quality and virtually no delay. 5G-enabled VoIP services ensure seamless connectivity, and smooth communication while eliminating lag and enabling organizations and individuals to collaborate more effectively.    


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Does 5G cost more than 4G?

With the rollout of 5G across the UK, all four major mobile operators; Vodafone, Three, O2, and EE have made 5G a standard part of their new plans. So, you will be paying standard charges only. However, you need to have a 5 G-compatible device and network coverage in your area as well.

Do I need any specific device or phone for VoIP over 5G?

Yes. Your device should be compatible with the 5G network. Make sure your phone supports 5G network connectivity and VoIP applications so you can enjoy amazing VoIP over 5G services.  

Does VoIP over 5G consume more data compared to conventional VoIP?

5G enables enhanced efficiency and faster data transfer which is why it may use slightly more data. However, it depends on various factors such as duration, VoIP application, etc. You can monitor your data usage to choose your data plan accordingly.   

What to expect with 5G-enabled VoIP services?

VoIP technology has been around for decades. It is the latest 5G that will transform VoIP and the whole business communication system for good. VoIP for businesses on 5G networks offers faster, more reliable communication, enhanced capacity, and exceptional call quality. 

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