Why Virtual Landline Essential for Remote Work in 2023?

Amid the coronavirus pandemic and imposed lockdowns, many businesses adopted work from home or hybrid work routine. Even after the pandemic, many businesses are inclined to continue this routine. About 88.2% of UK’s employees who have worked remotely during the pandemic want to continue like this. Apart from the pandemic, remote working has always been there. Over the last decade, almost a quarter of million workers have switched to remote working.

This surge of remote working in recent years, necessitates implementation of fast and robust techniques so as to ensure streamline workflow and business success.

Virtual phone lines are digital replacement of traditional analogue phones and PBX networks. This internet-based phone system for remote work offers a great degree of connectivity and flexibility. These virtual phone lines are not limited to a specific location. Moreover, you can access virtual phone numbers, or we can say online numbers from anywhere and with any IP-enabled device be it phones, laptops, tablets etc..

Virtual landline Vs PBX

A virtual landline uses a virtual number. This is also called direct inward dialing (DID) number. The traditional analogue phones that are linked to Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). Virtual landlines, on the other hand, are cloud phone systems that work through internet connections. Therefore, a virtual landline system is not tied to a specific location. Such a system is capable of routing and redirecting calls to other devices as well.

Traditional phone systems require bulky hardware, installation, regular maintenance and extra charges for service upgrade. Such setups were used on premises but are not compatible enough to fulfill the demands of remotely working teams.

Virtual phone systems have no such limitations. These phones run over the internet, don’t require hardware, installation costs, regular maintenance and additional charges. Most importantly, it does not require on premises setup. employees can communicate from anywhere and on any IP enabled device. Simply put, these internet-based phone systems for remote work are ideal choices.

Why choose an Internet-based phone system for remote work?

Cloud based virtual phone systems bring so many advanced features and benefits for your remote business. This fast and robust technology ensures streamline workflow, unified communication and business growth. Here are some key benefits of these digital phone line for remote workers:

  • Robust and feature rich technology

Cloud based virtual phone lines offer ease and flexibility that the old analogue phones system lack. This internet based telephony enables you to have multiple conference bridges, voice mail boxes, auto attendants, call forwarding, call recording, voicemail, multiple app integrations, extensions and much more. Another key feature is app integration that ensures optimal workflow. These apps include Microsoft teams, CRM, data backup, HP software, bookkeeping software, project management software and so on.

  • Easy installation and low cost setup

Virtual phone lines do not require bulky hardware installation, maintenance, physical network and IT trained professionals for upgradation. A virtual phone network is like any other app that can be installed on phone, tablets and PC. Its operational costs are quite low and budget-friendly making them an ideal choice for remote businesses, small setups and freelancers. you can make significant savings for your business by shifting to a virtual landline system.

  • Mobility

According to a survey by HubbleHQ, more than 79% of respondents prefer working from home because it saves additional time and expense of their commute.

One of the key benefits of virtual landlines is the freedom to stay connected even if miles apart. This feature is a basic requirement of remote and hybrid businesses. Whether you are located in different cities, your distributed team can coordinate and function as a cohesive unit. Your business can offer 24/7 customer care, thereby gaining client’s trust and business credibility.

  • Works well with bring your own device policy 

With the regularization of home offices and remote work, organizations have devised another policy of ‘bring your own device’. This is equally useful for companies and workers. The company does not have to buy devices for workers and workers can work from the devices they are more comfortable with. In such a case, virtual numbers are ideal. when a new employee joins, he will be provided a virtual number and system access. Companies can easily access billing details and there is no need to submit invoices for reimbursement. Similarly, when a person resigns, it is easy to revoke their access to remove them from the system. 

  •  Scalability

No matter if it’s a startup or already established business, there are always chances of growth. The virtual phone lines make it easier to manage the demands of a growing business. For instance, if you are adding more team members in your business, you can easily upgrade your virtual network. This process is quick and hassle free as compared to upgradation of conventional PBX. Furthermore, you do not have to buy additional hardware or devices, which also saves budget. 

  • Ensures Optimal workflow 

Last but not the least, with a virtual landline system, there is streamline workflow while ensuring unified communication. With such Online phone service for remote work, you can better analyze your business growth. The app integrations offer actionable insights so you can adopt better marketing strategies. Businesses who are adopting this cloud based virtual phone systems are able to harness the maximum of the latest technologies. This is helping them to manage, track and optimize workflow, have unified communication, boost team productivity and business success. 


Virtual landlines are ideal as remote phone systems for distributed teams. With such a phone system, businesses can benefit from numerous useful features while ensuring optimum workflow and business growth. 

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Which is the best phone system for remote working?

Cloud based VoIP (voice over internet protocol) phone system is ideal for remote working. These phone systems rely on the internet and can be accessed from anywhere and with any IP-enabled device such as laptop, PC and tablets.

Why is remote work the future?

In recent years, the remote working model is proven to be more productive, comfortable as well as cost effective. Survey reveals that majority of employees wish to continue remote work. For them, remote work is more comfortable; no office politics, and no need to travel long hours to reach offices.

What happens to landlines in 2025?

Traditional landlines are no longer compatible to meet the demands and challenges of today’s digital era. Internet based telephony such as VoIP phones are replacing them. By 2025, analogue phone lines or copper lines are set to be switched off and replaced by internet based telephony.

Is remote work here to stay 2023?

Remote working is proven to be more productive and the majority of employees as well as businesses agree to continue remote or hybrid work. In January 2023, about 28% of new job postings were advertised for remote work.    

What will replace landlines?

Internet based telephony, namely VoIP (voice over internet protocol) is replacing the traditional landlines. VoIP phone systems operate through internet connection. Such a phone system is easily accessible from anywhere and with any IP-enabled device. Thus, these are ideal for faster, secure and reliable digital communication.

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