Wholesale Termination Origination

Wholesale for VoIP Resellers

This traffic solution for a VoIP wholesaler can provide call exchange services to ITSPs globally. It comes as part of the Active SoftSwitch Lite package plan and it is an optional feature with the A S Pro, Enterprise and the Ultimate plans.

With the billing engine of PortaOne at the center, this solution permits effective mediation of even the most massive traffic volumes of VoIP. This A S VoIP reseller solution expedites the interconnectivity of VoIP networks irrespective of their internal architecture, equipment vendor or call control protocol and is especially lucrative to the users of our Pro service plan.

The PortaBilling that Active Softswitch uses enables the creation of easily manageable and scalable VoIP networks (through H323) in transit, CDR processing, advanced statistics (e.g. revenue/cost, ASR, etc.) information that is based on its priority and least-cost routing(LCR) and the provision of call authorization/authentication. As an alternative, the call switching itself, transcoding and routing can be handled by the controller of the session border. This solution best befits VoIP wholesaler service providers or enterprises which have an intricate network infrastructure.

Who Is It for?

  • Enterprises that plan to offer Hosted/ASP billing and switching solutions.
  • VoIP carriers who are searching for associates among outside service providers
  • VoIP wholesaler service providers or establishments that have an intricate network infrastructure.
  • Wholesale carriers looking to interconnect with practically any H.323 or SIP-based VoIP network
  • Exchange carriers wishing to provide call coverage globally to partnered service providers

How Does It Work?

The A S VoIP traffic exchange offers one central management point for a whole network. This comprises of configuration, remote control and keeping tabs on all the components of the domain as well as the provisioning capabilities. This particular solution also allows both terminators and originators of traffic to utilize a robust self-sufficient interface that is full of user-friendly features.
There is complete centralization of call management (which includes accounting), with the system making out all active calls that are going through it. CDRs (Real-time Call Detail Records) are sent automatically to a single centralized location from both the origination and termination points. The exchange carrier may also transfer its own CDRs to terminating associates, offering them with an extra means of verification of call details for purposes of settlement and accounting.

Main Features

  • High scalability
  • Unlimited SIP license which enables multi-vendor network environments
  • Full integration with billing
  • End-to-end security over private and/or public networks fully abides by the standards of Visa security
  • Available as comprehensive solution that is customizable
  • Source code is supplied; API is available for flexibly integrating into the back end systems of exchange carriers
  • Supports some complementary value-added services, for example voice VPN
  • Based on open standards which are interoperable with 3rd party vendors that support H. 323(it needs a Cisco gateway)

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