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Vicidial Training

Our Training Team consists of highly experienced call centre specialists with a minimum of a decade of practice working in Call Centres. Each of them has worked with several platforms and this gives us an opportunity to provide thorough and accurate training. Every course comes with a complete reference documentation for you to refer to after completion of the course. All the members of our training team have top-notch communication skills and impressive presentation skills. All of them have a vast depth of information and knowledge; they are hardly met with a question that they do not have a precise answer to. We can offer you the training course either face to face on your website or through a webinar, depending on your organizational preferences and set budget.

The efficient operation of a call centre needs a solid grasp on what the technology is all about. We offer you all the necessary Vicidial Training to enable you to achieve the best results from your call centre. Essentially, for you to achieve the best possible results, each member of your team needs to have full confidence in the effective performance of their role. Operating a call centre especially an outgoing call centre is an activity that is closely regulated. You must totally understand the best practice guidelines of the DMA (Digital Marketing Association), the OFCOM regulations as well as the ICO’s regulations. We cover all these subjects in our management training.

Apart from that, we can also assist you on how you can safely acquire data and ensure that that you completely understand how to hold data securely without the potential risk of paying a fine. We can as well train you on watching for agent conducts that are counterproductive to the set company objectives. If you do not have an experienced trainer amongst the members of your team, we also have a seminar for training trainers. Furthermore, we can teach you the way to identify which calls you should pay attention to so that you can uphold your regulatory integrity. With knowledge in a call centre, you have the power to achieve your goals and we can give you all that you need to get there.

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