Scheduled Call-backs: Anyone and Agent-Only - XINIX

Agents are able to schedule a call-back with a client and either allow any other agent to take the call-back or reserve the call-back for themselves when the scheduled time comes.

There is a flash notification on the agent screen for the Agent-Only call-backs, to inform them that their call-backs have activated so they can call the clients back.

On the other hand, in the Anyone call-backs, once the scheduled date and time arrives, the calls will be automatically placed then directed available agents.

There are admin settings that enable to prevent an agent from placing a call-back too soon as well as settings that prevent an agent from setting-up the call-back too soon.

Apart from that, there are some admin tools that enable reassigning of Agent-Only call-backs to a different agent or change them to Anyone call-backs.

If you need further information on how the scheduled call-backs on VICIdial work, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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