Integrated Call Recording - XINIX

VICIdial comes with Full Featured Call Recording built in. With this, you are able to automatically record all call being received by the agents or allow the agents control over when they can start or stop recording calls.

You can also record incoming calls as they come in to your system before they are redirected to any agent. Even if the call is only directing to a third-party or an IVR, it can still be recorded for later reviewing.

When it comes to three-way calling, you are able to initiate recording of a new call when you dial in the third party and that recording can keep running even if the agent decides to leave the three-way call.

You can also record the phone calls of your agents if they use their phones out of the screen of the VICIdial agent.

All these call recording are archived automatically in the server of our internal archive and they can be accessed through the VICIdial Admin website. These recordings can also be sent via FTP so that you can store them to your server.

If you need further information on how the Integrated VICIdial call recording works, don’t hesitate to contact us

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