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Audio Soundboards enable a human agent to play only some selected recordings of audio, like contractual or legal disclaimers. Moreover, soundboard setups that are much more complex, they can substitute an agent speaking to a client completely. We have successfully tested the control of the Audio Soundboard in VICIdial with more than one hundred recordings of audio.

Agent Soundboards have been utilised globally in call centres for some years. Apart from that, the technology that VICIdial uses to play some carefully chosen audio files within an agent’s session has also been in use for quite a few years via the D1-DIAL in the agent interface, however, only some audio files were selectable and easily playable. Thus, in order to increase the number of audio files that could be displayed in the agent’s script tab or in a new pop-up window and played quickly and also to enable instant stopping or restarting of an audio file that is being played, new agent and administrative interfaces and server-side modules had to be created. All these features can be found in VICIdial’s new Audio Soundboards.

Note: This latest VICIdial module can only be used by clients of the VICIhost hosted contact centre solution due to the specific requirements that it needs for optimal functionality.

If you have any questions concerning the VICIdial Agent Audio Soundboard, please contact us.

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