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How The Ultimate ITSP Plan Works

The Ultimate ITSP Platform Plan has been designated for a superior quality VoIP wholesaler that has the intention of ramping up quickly (or have already achieved scale) and is searching for a combination of a global UM Service that has a wide variety of Telco features and exceptional Content Management. This flat rate plan provides remarkable economies of scale particularly for those who rate their services (such as Centrex) by the seat in which any incremental revenue above the fixed charge will bring in a Gross Margin of virtually 100%.

The Ultimate plan provides a huge throughput volume of minutes and comes with a few extra features that are found in our lesser priced plans. For instance, this package is inclusive of Conference Calling, StemPro Security, Extra Unique SIP as well as complete access to all our existing App Sets! Better yet, the package also consists of our usual supreme quality technical support together with telephone assistance and a monthly Intelligent Hands support of up to 5 hours.

Services and Solution

The Ultimate plan is mostly valued by our established VoIP resellers who provide both direct and indirect service to their customers, with high approval rates of their service. All the solutions present in the Enterprise Plus Plan are presented to the Ultimate Partners which enables them to be well-branded right to the next level of service layer.

Widgets and Apps

For a complete list of the Widgets, Apps and Modules available with this particular service plan please compare the plans available on our site.

Next Steps

You can only acquire Active SoftSwitch Pro from us. Use the links provided below to contact us or request a demo. The Chat Service is also open for communication. We are eager to communicate with you through any channels so that we can provide you with our services!

Service Examples

  1. Our Associate – When Alex started selling huge volumes of both direct and indirect business services via his resellers in 2013, he upgraded to the Ultimate Plan. He also found the all-inclusive package that comes with the extra 5-hour Intelligent Hands support and the telephone support. He also realized that the Ultimate Plan had released him from a number of the service routines, to enable him to give his customers more focus.
  2. His Wholesaler – In the meantime, Ahmad is also on the rise as he keeps on providing Anna with her residential service and he still specializes in Calling Card Services and Student Services. He is also happy that Alex appears to be a lot more responsive and she has more time for him. He can now depend on Alex to keep tabs on all the routine concerns and this enables him to spend more time on selling and provide better services to his customers.
  3. Their Clientele – Anna, together with her siblings run several businesses in a number of countries. They all either use Alex or Ahmad as their service provider. Anna, acclaimed to her sister Alana the Direct Centrex service offered by Alex. Alana is an office manager in a huge insurance office based in London and they now use the Centrex Service from Alex, together with Voice Recording, IVR and Unified Messaging.

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