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Types Of Outgoing Dialling In VICIdial

There are three main outbound dialling types in VICIdial, they are: Predictive, Broadcast and Agent-Controlled Dialling.

1. Predictive Dialling: this enables the system to calculate the amount of telephone calls it thinks it should make so as to keep the call agents occupied with phone calls and simultaneously stay below a specific limit of call rate. There are a wide range of settings that influence the working of the predictive dialling algorithm.

2. Broadcast Dialling: enables the system to make phone calls then play pre-recorded messages when no live agents are available.

3. Agent-Controlled: this type is also referred to as Manual Dialling. Here, the agent must click to dial every phone call, either by inputting a phone number to dial and initiate the phone call or taking the next lead in a list then dial to initiate the call.

There is another type of outgoing dialling known as Ratio. This dials a constant ratio of telephone lines to the agents that are logged in. This method is not in any way affected by the dropped call rate. This type of outgoing dialling can also be utilized by campaigns that don’t have any leads and handle incoming calls only. If you need further information on how the Outbound Dailling in VICIdial works, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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