Types of VoIP Services

Types of VoIP Services - Which One is Best for You

Using VoIP services has become a popular way to save on phone bills, but they’re not just for small businesses. If you have a large business running in multiple locations, VoIP can help you reduce costs and increase productivity.

There are different types of VoIP services depending upon the type and size of your business. However,

Here are Three standard options for your Business:

  1. Inhouse VoIP Systems
  2. Hosted VoIP Systems
  3. Hybrid VoIP system

Inhouse VoIP Systems

This is the most cost-effective option if you want to go all-in on VoIP. Of course, you’ll need to buy hardware such as routers, switches, and gateways to connect each location to the network. Still, this setup allows for more control over your network because you’re not leasing bandwidth from an outside provider.

Hosted VoIP Systems

This is similar to an in-house system except that a third party hosts it. Hosted services are typically cheaper than in-house systems because they don’t require additional hardware investment — however, they may not be ideal if you want complete control over the network. In addition, hosted solutions usually offer better call quality than in-house solutions. Finally, they can be scaled up quickly as you add more employees or increase your call volume over time.

Hybrid VoIP system

Hybrid VoIP systems combine aspects of both in-house and hosted solutions into one integrated solution. Some components are housed locally in this system, while others are hosted remotely, depending upon your choice only. If you don’t have enough trust in your team, hire a third party to manage several features of the hybrid VoIP system.

Hosted Vs. On-premises VoIP

Hosted VoIP is a service that provides a wide range of features, from unlimited calling to call recording. With this service, you can connect your business to the internet and make calls over the internet. You don’t need any hardware or software for this service to work.

On-premises VoIP is a software solution you have to install on your network server. However, it can be an alternative to traditional phone systems such as analog phones and PBXs (Private Branch Exchange). The benefit of installing this type of software is that you have complete control over your system, and it doesn’t require any additional equipment or maintenance costs.


Several types of Voice over Internet Protocol services are available for businesses, homes, and mobile devices. Here are some of the categories of best voip service uk used in the UK. Let’s take a look!

Residential VoIP

Residential VoIP is an internet-based phone service that allows you to make unlimited local and long-distance calls from your home at a lower cost than traditional landlines. VoIP services for home use a device that connects to your internet router to make calls while also offering call waiting, caller ID, and voicemail features.

Software-based VoIP Services

Large companies usually use software-based Voice over Internet Protocol services because you can integrate the software with existing systems and networks. You can either use software that you can install on your server or use web-based software that runs on your website’s server. Software-based VoIP services may require an IT professional to install them, so it’s best to hire an expert if you don’t have one on staff already.

Device-Based VoIP

Device-based VoIP is similar to residential VoIP but is suitable for commercial businesses rather than individuals. However, you must purchase hardware for the service to work correctly. Device-based VoIP solutions include hardware like phones or adapters that connect directly to your computer or router. Some devices can be used with smartphones as well as computers and tablets.

How does it work?

In this case, businesses purchase their hardware that converts telephone signals from their existing landlines into IP data packets sent over an existing broadband connection (such as cable or DSL) to an ISP. Then they go to their destination address on the public internet. This approach enables companies to retain control over their existing equipment while still using an Internet connection for long-distance calls instead of expensive traditional telephone systems.

Mobile VoIP Services

This is also one of the types of VoIP services that allows you to use your mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets. VoIP services usually require an app that you can download into your device through an app store. Mobile VoIP services are designed for voip services for small business that need to communicate with their customers via smartphones and tablets. Mobile Voice over Internet Protocol services allow you to make calls anywhere in the world at low rates. They also provide you with voicemail-to-email capability and auto-attendant functionality.

Best App For You!

We use many apps daily working on VoIP systems such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. Of course, Whatsapp is the most popular app for daily life connections. But some apps are specifically designed for businesses to communicate, such as Xinix Sipdesk, offering advanced features such as recording, forwarding, and switching.

Business VoIP Services

Business VoIP is a type of VoIP service that offers businesses the ability to use their existing phone line without paying for additional upgrades. Since it’s an all-in-one solution, companies save time and money while enjoying features such as call forwarding, voicemail transcripts, auto-attendant menus, and more.

How Business VoIP Helps?

Business VoIP services allow employees to make calls globally using their smartphones. This gives them greater flexibility when working remotely or traveling for business purposes.

How to Select The Best Phone Service for Your Business ?

How to Choose From Different Types Of VoIP

There are different types of VoIP services available today, and it can be challenging to choose between them all. Here are some tips for choosing from other types of Voice over Internet Protocol services:

Consider Your Needs

When considering different types of VoIP services, the first thing you should do is consider what you need from them. If you’re looking for something more flexible or affordable than this —or if you have multiple locations where you need service —it’s worth looking into other options like SIP providers or hosted PBX systems.

Tips To Choose

Here are some common tips for choosing VoIP providers for residential or business purposes. They will help you shape your decision to get the best services in town.

  1. Look at how much you can save with each service provider.
  2.  Find out about any extra charges associated with each service provider.
  3.  Make sure that the service provider offers good customer support.

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