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Training For More Efficient Service Provision.

Good Training Creates Good Customers

In the course of providing our services to our vast range of clientele, we have realized that exceptional training is the finest way to maintain a profitable partnership. Each of the partners who come to our training programme start at a different point and each of them come with varying experience. Apart from that, the majority of them have diverse requirements and so our training curriculum is designed around your specific needs.

The Combination of Training and Expertise

The Active SoftSwitch (A S) platform is a robust service provision model whose core is PortaOne, accompanied by a collection of Class 4 and 5 features which are all enveloped in an outstanding system of Content Management. It has great capability. Our support workforce affirms that most of them take 3 months of a classroom training combined with live desktop support exercise for them to feel capable of providing full support to all our associates. That is why we are able to consistently listen to your needs, we make an effort to understand what your individual wants are and then we offer you a customized training package to enable you to start providing your services as fast as possible. Even so, we keep in mind that with Active SoftSwitch, learning never stops, it is a continuous process.

Your Customized Training Bundle

Your customized training bundle is based on a common trainee program that consists of five sessions, each two hours long, three formal sessions of training and two sessions set for a comprehensive Q&A. These are as follows:

1st Session; A S Porta Billing

In this session, we will provide you with a general outlook of what the ICC Active SoftSwitch does and give you an introduction to its fundamental concepts, tools and the overall interoperability of the service model. After that, the focus is shifted to Porta UM, Porta Billing and Porta SIP. You will have the ability to effortlessly create sample accounts and make trial calls by the end of this session. Apart from that, you will also be able to navigate easily through the platform for further familiarization. Eventually, you will be ready for your next training session.
Main Objective: Proper understanding of the fundamental concepts of Porta.

2nd Session; A S Porta Billing

Here, priority is first given to any questions that you still have regarding the first training session. After providing full answers, our trainer goes deeper into critical concepts such as products, rates and client setups. Reports of problems and how to troubleshoot them are also covered here so as to mature the grasp that you already have on the concepts of the platform. The main objective of this session is to provide you with the tools that help you create customized solutions for your target clients.
Main Objective: Proper understanding of the interoperability of the service.

3rd Session; A S CMS

This session usually takes the full 2 hours for those who are introduced to Content Management for the very first time. However, most customers are generally already familiar with systems of Content Management so the progress in this generic part of the curriculum takes a shorter time. We then turn the attention to your site and teach you how to bring out a touch of uniqueness in the appearance of your site through borrowing ideas and concepts from our themes. (this will definitely save you a lot of time!) We will also show you the addition and removal of modules, where fresh ready-made modules can be found and how you can adjust and customize Registration Forms according to your specific VoIP reseller services for example. We will also teach you how you can get started effectively and a variety of options that you can choose to modify as you progress.
Main Objective: Proper understanding of the overall structural design of Active SoftSwitch CMS

4th Session; A S Porta Billing – Q and A

In this particular training session, we give a closer look to your products, any issues that may have come up since your 2nd session of training are tackled here because by this time, you will already be setting up your VoIP wholesaler services for instance. We provide a detailed explanation of how to get to a specific end product through a variety of approaches by letting you understand the strengths and weaknesses of each of those approaches. This will enable you to make the most suitable choice for your market. Also, this session focuses on services such as Unified Messaging and a deeper look at the troubleshooting of problems. The main aim of this training session is to give you a comprehensive grasp of your own product and provide you with exclusive tools that aid you in the troubleshooting of the most common issues you may face. By the time you are done with this session, you will have the potential of managing your own service with the assistance of our team of Ticket Support and our huge Knowledge Base.
Main Objective: Proper understanding of service configuration to suit the needs of your clients

5th Session; A S CMS – Q and A

This is the final formal training session and it is your finest opportunity to dig even deeper into the CMS details as it relates to your services. If you find that it takes you more than 2 hours to get completely in touch with any of the main session objectives, that is quite okay with us because our duty is to ensure that you understand the concepts. We dedicate up to 10 hours total for your training sessions as a portion of your set up charges. This is your best bet for being familiar with the systems inside-out so that you can fully exploit them.
Main Objective: To provide answers to queries and reinforce your comprehension of the A S CMS

Post-Training Support; Knowledge Base of the ICC

After your fifth and final training session, the training still continues as part of an on-going ICC support. Any support questions you might have are clearly responded to with precise screenshots when need. For purposes of ticket support, ICC is proudly partnered with Zendesk!

Premium Sessions Of Training/ Revision Courses

There are a number of partners who are greatly assisted by our extra ‘pay’ training sessions and revision courses, especially if they have just recruited a new member in their workforce. These refresher sessions are organized at our Leeds Support office or if you find it more convenient, at your own premises through teleconferencing meetings.

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