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Office Business Agent Supervisor
Supported hardware
Supported platforms
MS Windows Communicator can be installed and used on MS Windows 32/64-bit platforms (Windows Vista and above)
MAC OS X Communicator can be installed and used on MAC OS X platforms (10.10 and above).
Ubuntu Linux Communicator can be installed and used on Linux Ubuntu 64-bit platforms (12.04 and above)
Minimum requirements
Requirements Although Communicator should work on any computer able to run supported operating systems
there are minimum requirements that should be met in order to install it and to prevent call quality issues.
HDD space Communicator requires up to 70 MB of free HDD space to install.
Broadband internet Stable broadband internet connection is important factor in VoIP call quality as VoIP traffic
is highly susceptible to latency and lost packets.
Operation modes
Phone mode
Office phone
GSM / PSTN number
Communicator GO
Basic operations
Voice calling
Video calling
Answer a call
Hangup / Reject a call
Switch calls
Transfer a call
Hold / Resume call
Click to dial
Call recording
Advanced operations
Park calls
Join two calls
Call to conference
Invite external numbers
Start Chat from Call
Unified communications features
PBXware directory
Instant messaging
File sharing
Drag & Drop
Group messaging
MS Outlook
MS Exchange
Apple address book
Google contacts
Send vCard
Switch phone
Browser integration
Email client integration
CRM integration
SugarCRM Optional
SalesForce Optional
Microsoft Dynamics Optional
Bullhorn Optional
ZenDesk Optional
Generic Call Popup module Optional
Conferencing features
Dynamic conferencing
Static conferencing
Unified communications features
Easy Caller ID selection
Call parking
Manage parked calls
Multilingual support
Online Self Care
Color schemes
Different view modes
Quick integration
Multi-Tenant compatibility
Automatic updates
Call center features
Real time call monitoring
Agent status and efficiency
Wallboard facility
Agent operations
Agent panel
Supervisor panel
Agent pause reason codes
Hardware support
Plantronics headset
Jabbra headset
Other features
iTunes integration
IP camera support
Shared configuration
Plantronics headset
Telephony URI handling