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SIP Expenses

One of the main benefits of using SIP technology is the fact that the cost of communication is significantly less than PSTN. Despite the huge difference in price, the pricing range of providers will vary. To get the most out of this service, pay attention to the methods below of determining the costs you will incur from your service provider.

One off Expenses

Several service providers normally bill their clients even before those clients start using their services.These expenses could be as a result of the service provided or the hardware.

Set-up Charges

SIP technology service providers will normally bill their customers for starting the use of their services. Others will disguise this charge by covering it in their monthly regular payments. The set up charges can be reduced if you have a discussion with the service providers. You however cannot discuss this without knowledge that the fees even exist in the first place. So you have to first find out if it exists from the service providers.

Porting Charges

The amount of numbers your organization requires will determine the length of period the porting may take. Many numbers will take a longer period of time to complete porting. Porting of numbers normally attract fees from SIP technology providers. If your organization has many lines that needs to be ported, then you will be able to bargain for better prices.


SIP technology uses the internet to convey information. For your organization to be able to effectively manage a larger flow of traffic, the bandwidth too needs to be increased. Increased bandwidth will mean faster speeds and better functionality. However, this will mean that you will have to pay more.


Users of SIP technology will need handsets. Buying a handset for each user will be an additional charge. Applications, features and functionality will also influence the price of the handsets.

Regular Fees

SIP technology providers charge a regular monthly payment called the Monthly Recurring Charges (MRC). The amount of these payments (MRC) will vary for different SIP technology providers.

SIP Technology Costs

The traffic flow of calls for your organization will determine the amount of trunks and the number of channels that you will have. The more the channels, the more the amount of money that you will have to pay. However, majority of the service providers will only charge for channels you use at a particular time. You therefore have to consider the monthly charges related to SIP trunking.

It is important to understand all the costs involved in SIP technology. It will assist you in reducing the costs. However, quality of service should not be compromised in the process. A delicate balance should be found between getting the most out of the service providers while still maintaining high service standards. XINIX World tries to strike this balance through affordable SIP Trunking services.

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