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VoIP Infiltration
There is no doubt that VoIP internet phone service is revolutionizing the way businesses operate. It is rewriting most rules in the telecommunication playbook. Cheaper calls, a single network plan for both data and voice, ability to customize the features to suit your specific business and scalability, just but to mention a few, are some of the reasons VoIP internet phone service is having such a big impact.

As always, enemies of progress will always find a way of bringing down great innovations and slowing down the huge strides made in technology. Fraudsters who manage to access VoIP internet phone service of companies are having a field day. This is because VoIP internet phone service uses the internet and fraud committed online are hard to trace. Furthermore, those crimes are committed by criminals miles away and who belong to different jurisdictions. This means that apprehending such culprits is extremely difficult. Can you imagine the damage these criminals could cause to your business if they got access to confidential information about your business?

Few Pay Attention to VoIP Internet Phone Service Security

Every business owner understands that it is extremely important to secure critical business information. They are fully aware of the consequences of such information falling into the wrong hands. Most times, business owners focus on securing their computer systems and not their VoIP internet phone service phone systems. There is an assumption among many VoIP internet phone service users that the system is the same as the analog phone system when compared in terms of the level of security risk exposure.

One critical difference between the two phone systems, however, is the fact that Voice over Internet Protocol systems transmit data and information through the internet. Therefore there is need to protect your VoIP internet phone service with the same vigour you protect your computer systems. This is because they are all connected to the internet where hackers will always be looking for a loophole to infiltrate your systems.

How to Identify a VoIP Internet Phone Service Security Breach

It is common practice for individuals nowadays to be cautious about opening strange links sent to them. But is that enough to tell when your systems have been compromised? Certainly not. With the sophistication of technology, hackers and criminals are also upping their game. Constant monitoring of your call logs from time to time. This will help you to identify suspicious numbers.

Geofencing is another technique that many business owners employ to protect their businesses from attacks. Through geofencing, some companies can restrict calls from specific regions. This will keep hackers from those areas at bay. Alarm bells should ring in your head when the camera and microphone of your VoIP internet phone service phones switch themselves on. This is because such behavior of your systems is an indication that they have been compromised. It could be a sign that hackers are monitoring your conversations which could be critical.

How to Secure Your VoIP Internet Phone Service System

Putting in place measures to protect your business IP phone systems can save you the pain of being a victim of a hack. Some of those measures include:

  1. Changing passwords for all your gadgets frequently. Some hackers normally change passwords of the accounts they gain access to and regular change of passwords will enable detection of such breaches. Use of strong passwords goes a long way in complicating the lives of hackers as well. That is why a longer password with more than six characters including letters, numbers, and symbols are recommended.
  2. Carry out routine penetration tests on your system to find out how secure your systems are. You can do that by either using specialists from your own organization or by seeking for services from companies experienced in carrying out such tests. Such test will help in the identification of weak spots in your IP phone systems. Measures will then be taken to fix the faults detected.
  3. There are available methods of securing your systems like encryption. When criminals gain access to an encrypted system, they will be unable to access or use any information that they manage to intercept. The use of Virtual Private Network technology will also create a secure channel to exchange information over the less secure internet. With VPN, your employees can remotely access your company resources without compromising the integrity of your communication systems.

It is way cheaper and less stressful to stop an attack on your VoIP systems before it even takes place. Despite providing top-notch VoIP services, here at XINIX World, we value the security of our customers. We recommend that you pay great attention to securing your systems because the repercussions of ignoring the security of your VoIP internet phone service systems are grave.

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