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How Our Professional Management For Wholeseller Services Works

Through taking advantage of the raw power of the global service engine of Porta One and using the latest software release on distributed service architecture, Pro enables a robustly resilient data management for your self-hosted service environment. It consists of PortaBilling, PortaSIP and a complete set of Class 4 features. It however doesn’t include any end user (Class 5) features.

Services and Solutions

The design of Active SoftSwitch Pro has been uniquely aimed at our Wholesale Termination Partners who are mostly bigger organizations and at times wholesale operators whose are searching for the management of VoIP reseller services without the need of investment in new equipment and infrastructure. A number of our Pro clientele are efficiently making use of a partition of our PortaOne Switch where the services they run don’t yet require them to acquire their own full Porta Switch

Widgets and Apps

For a complete list of the Widgets, Apps and Modules available with this particular service plan please compare the plans available on our site:

Next Steps

You can only acquire Active SoftSwitch Pro from us. Use the links provided below to contact us or request a demo. The Chat Service is also open for communication. We are eager to communicate with you through any channels so that we can provide you with our services!
Example Service

1. Our Partner

When Alex worked for Big Blue, he used Active SoftSwitch Professional. Big Blue was a mobile phone operator based in Europe who needed to provide Virtual Numbers to their customers in any European city of their choice as part of the package of their mobile services. He also started offering VoIP wholesaler telecom services throughput to a number of his clients such as Anastasia, a call shop owner based in Italy.

2. His Clients

Anastasia, runs a call-shop in Italy and the calls from her call-shop are sent to Big Blue. Active Softswitch Pro is what they use to redirect the calls to four of Anastacia’s Direct Termination SP’s which include, Telefonica, Tata and a number of 2nd Tier Service Providers. Currently Anastacia enjoys robust real-time routing and has the ability to minimize her operation costs and boost her levels of service.

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