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VoIP Problems

VoIP has already shaken up the telecommunication industry. It is still causing major ripples in the industry and it doesn’t seem as though it will run out of steam any time soon. The resale of hosted VoIP services is turning around businesses. Hosted VoIP resale businesses are making huge gains while incurring very minimal costs. Given that no system in the universe is ever perfect, being a hosted VoIP reseller comes with its difficulties. However, great businesses success stories are those of businesses that were not only able to overcome challenges but used those challenges to improve and become stronger.
If you want to succeed as a hosted VoIP reseller, I suggest you pay attention to the following common problems that you may encounter.

Poor Route Quality

Good services to your customers will lead to customer satisfaction. It could also lead to increase of your customer base as satisfied customers will always put in a good word for you to other potential customers. Bad service can be detrimental because it will lead to loss of customers and also create a bad reputation for your business.
Call quality is a very important factor that a client will consider before accepting the services of a hosted VoIP reseller. Bad call quality is normally as a result of poor route quality.

An effect that results into poor call quality is called jitter. This is the delay in arrival of information from one point of the communication channel to the next. In other words, jitter is the latency period between when a packet of data leaves and arrives. Jitter will be experienced when an information packet sent later arrives faster than that sent earlier.

Hosted VoIP wholesalers can avoid jitters through the use of buffers within the SIP trunks.
As a hosted VoIP reseller, you can ensure that your customers gets the best call quality by understanding how your hosted VoIP wholesaler prevents issues like jitter.
You can also ensure that your VoIP wholesaler provides high call quality by checking on how they handle and manage calls within their system. You can do this through the use of several criteria including bandwidth reservation and Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS).

Unanticipated Costs

Understanding the agreement between you and your hosted VoIP wholesaler is very crucial. By understanding the agreement properly, you will be able to tell if you will be slapped with additional charges eventually and what would necessitate those charges.
Have you ever asked yourself what happens when your customers decide to use features like short messaging? What happens in that case? Are you as a hosted VoIP reseller going to pay more? Such are the type of questions whose answers will be clear by clear understanding of your agreement with your hosted VoIP wholesaler.

Late Payment

Despite the fact that you as a hosted VoIP reseller are in direct contact with the customer, the payments are made to the wholesaler. Now, there is a benefit and a disadvantage to this as well. The benefit is that you save yourself the hustle of ensuring that the customer pays.

The disadvantage however is the fact that in as much as some wholesalers might pay you immediately, others might pay after a definite period of time like weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly.
It is therefore wise to always have in mind when planning your business operations, the effect of late payments to ensure that it doesn’t have a negative effect on your business.

Unsatisfactory Customer Support

A hosted VoIP reseller is always in direct contact with customers. Customers will always want any issues they face resolved as fast as possible because it could have a negative effect on their businesses. Failure to address your customers concerns in time will make your customers look for services elsewhere.
Ensure that you employ the right people to handle the customer support. Train them well and ensure that they respond to customers’ concerns in the shortest time possible.

In situations where the customer support, both technical and administrative is handled by your hosted VoIP wholesaler and not you directly, and the problems experienced by your customers are persistent, find a new wholesaler. This is because, such repetitive issues is a pointer of bigger problems with the wholesaler.
Tolerating substandard services from your wholesaler will eventually hurt your business.
Always remember, good services will keep your customers satisfied. It will also help in marketing your business through references from your satisfied customers to potential customers.

Stiff Competition

So many people and businesses have embraced VoIP due to its numerous benefits. There are therefore so many hosted VoIP resellers. This means that the competition in this market has greatly increased. The fact that we still have more new hosted VoIP resellers setting up shop, simply means that the market is still growing and gains from it are still huge.

However, to stay afloat as a hosted VoIP reseller in the market, providing, VoIP services is simply not enough. This is because other VoIP resellers are providing the same services. You therefore have to distinguish yourself as a VoIP reseller who is out there to solve your customers’ communication problems.
You also need to develop a close relationship with your customers by offering pre-services before they buy into your services and even post services after they have already bought into your services. The consequence of that is that you will be able to create a brand and a loyal customer base.

Evolving Technology

The changing nature of technology means that systems keep on being improved. The same is true for VoIP system. A VoIP reseller should be able to keep abreast with all the changes that VoIP technology is undergoing.
It is good to know and understand all the protocols currently in use, their best attributes and any challenges associated with them. Any technological changes on the protocols will also be worth noting.
Being up to date with any changes happening, will enable you provide the best quality services to your clients. It will also help to identify a chance in which you can even gain more profits.

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