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Per Campaign System Wide And Inbound DNC Lists In VICIdial

Receiving cold calls from unwanted businesses has so far been one of the biggest issues for the customers. With so many different people reaching out to file complaints, the federal government in 2005 introduced the DNC list. With the help of the DNC list, you can register your number that will block you from all kinds of cold calls and irrelevant inquiries from businesses. The DNC lists are not only for the benefit of the customer it is also for the benefit of the company. Most people do not like the idea of cold calling which is the reason they will benefit from it. However, businesses spend their money and resources on cold calling. By adding the DNC list, you will be limiting the access to these numbers and this will save time and money for the company as well.

Usually, DNC lists consist of charities, NGOs, political organizations, telephone surveyors, service-based companies along with companies that you are already working with. By adding a DNC list for your campaign, you will be able to save a lot of time and money. The best thing about VICIdial is that it offers complete customization. So, the customizers you are working with already will not receive calls from businesses. Apart from this, companies or customers who have availed service in one department can be reached for other departments and services as well. This will help you make your targeted audience very narrow, and you will be able to save money and time.

You can create shared or separate DNC lists for every campaign, using your VICIhost system. You can also choose to utilize a system-wide DNC list that can be allowed as you wish for every single campaign. Apart from that, you can redirect or block incoming calls into VICIdial with respect to the number on the Caller ID, using a Filter Phone Group or an incoming DNC list.

In addition, you can allow the customers to call in and include their telephone number to one of the outgoing calling DNC lists via an automated IVR that comes as part of the VICIdial package.

For the United States Federal DNC list, it is better if you use, our partner company for that particular service. We have included a selection of integration tools that operate with their services into the features of VICIhost.

For more information on the DNC lists and VICIhost, please reach out to us via any of our contacts,

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