One Server Guarantees Handling of A Minimum of 25 Agents at a Line Ratio of 3:1 - XINIX

One Server Guarantees Handling Of A Minimum Of 25 Agents

Our dialler server guarantees comfortable handling of at least 25 agents and at least 80 telco lines. Furthermore, you will possibly be able to handle more than that, depending on the kind of call handling that you do.
The instant you outgrow one server; we will softly add an extra server so that you can have more capacity. Some of our customers have grown from just one server with only 5 agents, to 3 servers with about 75 agents, all these operating as a single VICIdial system.
You can also add or remove the capacity whenever necessary. Thus, if you have seasonal demand spikes, we can provide you with extra servers for one or two months then take them off for the remainder of the year.

To have more details about the guarantees of our services, please contact us to speak with a specialist.

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