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Don’t Make Your Callers Wonder Why You Are Not Answering

A new potential customer makes a call to your business. No one is there to pick up and the line ends up ringing out. The potential customer doesn’t know why there was no one to answer or whether they even called the right number. There is a high possibility that they will not call back again.

This is just how easy it can be to lose a new potential customer for your business, simply because they are not provided with basic information. This is the kind of problem that every other business deals with since at one time or another, every business has to close.

An Out of Hours phone message that is professionally recorded can make all the difference for you.
To begin with, if you have an Out of Hours Message, all your callers can effortlessly be introduced to what your business is all about. This immediately informs them that they have made a call to the right place. This can be followed up by informing them of your business hours. This will make sure that the caller knows when your business will next open so that they can make a return call. You can finish off your message by giving the caller a suggestion of leaving a voice mail, so that you can know exactly what the caller deeds and that they will require a call back soon.

Apart from that, it’s also an excellent idea to direct the caller to your official website for the time being. This way, the caller can get to learn more about the products and services that your business offers as they wait till an appropriate time when they can call back. Also, for some specific businesses, this can also be a chance to provide the caller with an emergency contact details or another phone number.

You can listen to some Out of Hours sample messaged that we have previously created to see how lucrative they are. Click here

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