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Number Forwarding And How It Works

Perfect Solution Created by FREE Add-on ‘Application Set’

Active Softswitch (AS) consists of numerous Add-on Applications and services. In this case, we pool together six Add-on Apps (Local Number, Registration, Profile, Virtual Numbers, Balance Top-Up and CDR’s) into one multifaceted ‘App Set’ and this creates a FREE Number Forwarding solution with the AS Ultimate service or for just £50 every month with the AS Enterprise or the Lite plan.

Number Forwarding unveils a classic win-win which can help your clients make high-quality calls to any specific location at a minimized rate and still leave a lot of margin for your business!

For instance, Mark, who is based in London, makes a call to Laura his girlfriend who is in Australia practically at all times. Mark has leased a local London phone number and he has directed it to Laura’s Australian phone number. He therefore only uses his London phone number to communicate to Laura. Laura has also done the same on her side, she owns a local Sydney phone number that is directed to Mark’s phone back in London.

With ICC’s AS service platform, Number Forwarding is one among the wide range of Solutions, Services, App Sets and Apps that you can offer your clients.

The illustration above is an example of what your Call Forwarding or VoIP reseller site could be. Of course, it would be in our own brand with your own specific words and images of choice while retaining its functional efficiency. The site is also responsive to the device you are using, whether it’s a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop and this makes it very user-friendly.

Just visit our Number Forwarding Demo Site and take a closer look.

Customers across the globe spend millions of pound on telephone calls daily, and in fact, the majority of the incurred costs is from calls to mobile or international locations. With the change in worldwide economics and the high rate of movement of the general public together with tough international competition, the market of phone call customers keeps evolving and maturing.

The emergence of VoIP wholesaler technology has made it a globally accepted standard of making phone calls that are facilitated by the internet. The ICC Network uses its cutting-edge AS service platform to adapt a hybrid methodology to Number Forwarding by linking the conventional PSTN and mobile networks with its carrier standard Voice Over IP network.

Using the FREE Number Forwarding Solution from ICC, you will have the ability gain access into the telecom market and introduce a service of Number Forwarding, branded in your name, from your e-commerce site with the use of our built-in CMS. The telecom side of the establishment will be managed by us using our inbuilt carrier standard Porta One (Soft Switch)

Who is it for?

ITSPs across the globe are always searching for new ideas of marketing ideas that require worldwide coverage of calls. Often, these Internet Telephone Service Providers already have a certain niche market that they are aiming at, usually based on a marketing understanding of a specific ethnicity, geography or a demographic factor.

How does it work?

Your consumer goes online to subscribe to the service that you are providing. In the course of subscribing, they submit an international number that they wish to call frequently. The international phone number is then mapped to a ‘Local Number’ and thus, your client just needs to call that particular local number in order to connect to the international number that they desired.

The local number us usually a city, town or an end user’s locality and so they are only charged as per the local rates.

Again, using Mark’s situation as an example, he practically calls Laura, her Sydney-based girlfriend at all times. Mark owns a local London phone number that has been mapped to the Australian mobile phone number that Laura has. So, to talk to his Australian girlfriend, he still makes a call to a London number. Similarly, Laura also has a Local Sydney number that has been mapped to his boyfriend’s mobile number. Therefore, they both save a lot of money by communicating with each other at a very cheap rate!

ICC uses the Number Forwarding service in the background as part of its global outreach Active SoftSwitch service for purposes of routing, billing, customer management and enabling you to manage similar services through your own service platform.

Customers can log into their accounts the same way you can log in to your service portal at any time. They can also load their accounts with money, add more numbers to forward and check their usage statistics as well.

Whether you are an emerging ITSP or you are an already developed VoIP wholesaler, you can still add this product to your range of services without extra expenditure on capex and you will be provided with full sessions of training, ICC Network guidance and 27-7 support.

The FREE Application Set is incorporated in three of the Active SoftSwitch pricing plans

  1. AS Lite: the termination and DDI’s are provided by the ICC Networks.
  2. AS Enterprise: You have the ability to source and offer your own wholesale and DID vendors.
  3. AS Ultimate: It has everything that is found in the enterprise plan including the ability to have your wholesalers branded.

Apart from that, the service also consists of a unique feature which enables you to make use of just a few DDI’s for thousands of clients. Thus, there need for each of your clients to have a unique DDI is eliminated, instead they can make use of a pool of DDI and distribute them to several consumers. This works well since the system distinguishes each caller’s CLI.

Modules that allow SMS and incoming call marketing can also be added.

Main Features

  • Full Support
    ICC avails an all-inclusive support package 24/7.
  • No Capex
    ICC offers complete backend infrastructure needed to get the service up and running through the provision of Software as a service that is based on the cloud.
  • Your Brand
    IC tends to run in the background. We are not your rivals in the provision of service and thus we don’t sell directly. Our main focus is you as our associate/partner.
  • Subscriptions and Packages
    You also have the ability to create your own subscriptions and packages just like any other operator out there. You are in charge and thus, what you bill your end users is up to you. You have the option of matching up the plan of your competitor or coming up with your own customized package or subscription plan.
  • CMS
    Customers of the Number Forwarding service are allowed access to our wide variety of pre-populated website templates as well as a lucrative Content Management System that comes with a remarkable set of features. You can easily change the wording of the template and in no time, you can launch your very own. With the exclusive CMS, you can also create customized fields of registration to enable clients to sign up via the internet in real time.
  • Carrier Grade SoftSwitch
    The center of all the ICC products is the dependability and power of PortaOne’s top-notch SoftSwitch which provides you with the functionality of call management and billing. This is what expedites all your service requirements of class 4 and 5. Active SoftSwitch provides your clients with log in authorizations for tasks such as account top-up, call history, viewing of balances and so much more.

Main Advantages

  1. 24/7 support assistance
  2. Launching can be done in just a few days
  3. You can enter the telecom industry with very little or no knowledge
  4. Your own brand
  5. You can bill your clientele as you wish
  6. You will have a piece of mind since you are working with professionals
  7. There are some extra modules which can boost your business promote
  8. Instantaneous information
  9. Wholesale (An of your VoIP resellers can still have their very own brand)
  10. ICC looks after the network and your problems can be troubleshot as well.

How Can I Get This Service?

Number Forwarding is part of the A S Ultimate, Lite, and Enterprise, just choose the service that suits you most and you will have Number Forwarding as part of the package.
Use the links below to ‘Request for a Demo’, ‘Call Us Now’ or even ‘Register for our Service.’

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