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In today’s highly competitive and digitally-driven business landscape, network speed has become a significant factor to ensure business success. With the digitalization of more and more business operations, such as cloud-based services, real-time data analytics, and remote collaborations, a fast and reliable network connection is an absolute requirement for any business. Having a robust and fast network helps businesses operate more efficiently, increase employee productivity, reduce downtime, and ultimately results in business success. For any business, no matter what size it is, investing in high-speed network connectivity is now a strategic imperative if they want to stay competitive in the marketplace.

Understanding network speed 

Network speed refers to the number of data packets being exchanged between the client and server and is calculated in megabytes per second (Mbps). Internet data transmission occurs through bandwidth and thus network speed is directly linked to bandwidth.. It is simply how much information you get per second. 

Businesses need faster network connection to meet the challenges and demands of the marketplace. Traditional DSL and cable networks offer an average of 10 Mbps to 30 Mbps. fiber optic internet is one of the latest technologies which offers a speed up to 1000 Mbps. Based on its reliability, speed and security, companies are gradually replacing their outdated broadband connections.

With a stable and fast internet broadband connectivity, businesses can have enhanced productivity, better team collaboration and better customer experience. 

Here is how network speed has significant role in business productivity:

It enhances team productivity

Greater communication solutions and integration of cloud based applications, has revolutionized the way businesses work. businesses are increasingly becoming dependent on the internet, so are the employees. According to this survey, with a faster internet connection, there is as much as 47% enhanced operational efficiency for businesses. Cloud-based applications, VoIP phone systems, CRM integration, SaaS applications are some of the advanced tools that enhance team productivity. With all the required data readily available, easily accessible and shared among the teams, enables them to multi-task. Most importantly, it saves time and effort for tedious tasks so employees can focus more on what is important, without getting distracted by the downtown.

Stable network speed – easy access to cloud services access

Cloud  computing is the new normal in this tech-driven era. Most of the business processes are now streamlined and centralized with cloud based CRM software. Furthermore, routine business processes require regular downloading and uploading of data which is then stored in cloud storage to be readily accessible. 

Slow network speed directly impacts CRM software, SaaS applications, customer care and other financial processing programs. Delay and downtime in data processing can make the clients lose interest in your business. Therefore, it can adversely affect your business reputation.

A budget friendly choice 

Any additional expenses of reliable and fast broadband services are absolutely worth it because of its immense benefits for businesses. Having a reliable and properly established network allows you to save a major chunk of your budget. Not only this, most of the service providers support scaling up of the cost-saving efficiencies throughout your business so as to streamline processes while reducing expensive redundancies.

Offers exceptional data security 

One of the key features of a broadband network of any organization is data security and privacy. the latest network infrastructures are designed and crafted to be more resistant to hacking and illegal bypassing compared to conventional options. Businesses are always at great risk of security breaches, data theft and malware. with a reliable network, such security threats are preventable and can be managed in time. However, this depends entirely on the connective speed and reliability of the network. 

Promotes effective collaboration for remote workers 

Many businesses have adopted the remote or hybrid working model. Effective communication and team collaboration have a significant role in team productivity. Having a reliable network speed allows the remotely working workers to collaborate, communicate and access cloud data. A reliable network allows them to send large files and perform general office tasks more effectively. Such kind  of remote efficiencies facilitate more accessible communication for team members. Having no interruption and reliable network speed means teams are more efficient and productive.


Network speed is one of the key factors to ensure business growth and success in this digital era. A reliable network is essential to maintain efficient communication and workflow between employees, customers, and suppliers. Having poor connectivity results in frustration, failure to meet the deadlines, low productivity and eventually low revenue.  As businesses are shifting to the latest cloud based technology, one of key requirements is a speedy network to deliver their services effectively. In order to stay competitive in the digital marketplace, it is imperative for businesses to invest in a high-speed network to ensure seamless connectivity and optimal workflow.

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How to check network speed?

There are several applications and websites for this purpose. For instance there is, or CloudFlare and many others. With these websites, you can have an idea of how fast your internet is.

How many Mbps is good internet speed?

Generally, network speed ranging from 25 -100 Mbps is good enough. A speed of about 25 Mbps, allows you web surfing, sending emails, as well as stream online but on limited devices. With more than 25 Mbps, you may stream in HD, play music, browse social media, and continue remote work.

How often should I be monitoring network speed?

There is no ideal limit for this. Although it is recommended to check your network speed periodically to have an idea.  Furthermore, you can always check when facing connectivity issues, slow browsing, delays in data sharing, downloading and uploading.

Is 100 Mbps sufficient for business?

For a startup and small business, 100 Mbps is a sufficient amount of speed. This speed can support up to 10 simultaneous users for performing routine tasks such as sending emails, browsing the internet, and downloading document files.  

Why is network speed such an important factor for businesses?

A stable connection and reliable network speed are crucial factors to ensure business success in this digital era. This enables streamline workflow, optimal connectivity and enhanced team collaborations resulting in business growth. 

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