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SIP Data Center

It goes without saying that the SIP is fast changing the telecommunication industry. If you haven’t joined the shift, then you should. Some of the key SIP technology considerations you should bear in mind include:

The Choice Between Hosted IP Telephony Services and SIP Technology

With the coming of VoIP, businesses have the choice of either having hosted services or deploying their own SIP technology. It is paramount to understand what each option offers you as a business in order to make an informed decision. Hosted IP telephony vendors employ cloud services to provide phone solutions and services to the customers. The online interface comes with a number of PBX features such as voicemail, call transfer and so on.

With the hosted service, the providers are able to build up the required infrastructure which saves on costs by a fraction. The advantage here is that businesses have been relieved of the burden of having to worry about maintaining their own PBX.

On the other hand, SIP technology gives businesses direct control of the system. This will mean that the businesses have to bear the maintenance costs, upgrades and putting in place extra features. In this system, the calls are transmitted via the internet as compared to the earlier enterprise phone systems.

The Cloud Technology

As we have seen above, the hosted service relies on the cloud technology for support and functionality. It cannot work on its own. The cloud technology allows businesses to minimize on costs since the providers shoulder the trouble of consolidating the infrastructure needed by the system on behalf of the company. This is done at lower cost and it greatly improves business efficiency

Multiple Data Centers

Many VoIP providers have multiple data centers. One might wonder why it is of essence in the first place. The truth is, the multiple data centers are essential for your business. What are some of the benefits of multiple data centers?

1. Allows for Continuity

The use of data in business processes always requires that a system for backing up data is in place. This is vital in the sense that if a system fails, then the data is not lost. The same knowledge is vital when it comes to the telecommunications services. The voice calls for instance, can be very costly in the case that they fail to work. This could be as a result of failure in one data center. It is therefore important that multiple data centers are set up. If one fails, the other can pick up and prevent work from stalling

2. It is a Disaster Recovery Strategy

It is a business practice for businesses to have plans for disaster recovery. Thanks to the cloud, organizations are able to backup crucial data. Multiple data locations act as standby alternatives for your business. An organization can easily locate backup systems in a provider facility and position themselves to easily switch over to that backup center in the event of an outage or similar emergency event. This implies that you and your employees can easily move to another location where you will be able to access the data and the phone system with ease. This ensures that your business is always protected. Relying on a single data center is a huge risk for any business


Many service providers build different data centers to meet specific needs while still supporting the core requirements that are part of the organization’s brand identity as a vendor. This means that businesses can rely on stability across the configuration, and also leverage the unique benefits of the different facilities in the services provider’s stable. Furthermore, having access to multiple geographically distributed data centers with similar capabilities, but strategic differences, makes it much easier for organizations to scale their configuration based on changing technology requirements.

Working with a vendor who has multiple data centers enables you to build up a more powerful and tamper proof phone system. There are lots of benefits that come with multiple data centers that business should leverage on. Our SIP trunking services are reputable.In case of any clarifications, feel free to drop us a message.

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