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Mobile Voicemail

Take Messages and Manage Calls Through Your Cell Phone Using a Customized Voicemail

In the current mobile age, lots of individuals carry out a sizeable chunk of their business management duties from the cell phone. Our radio services are not only customized for the phone systems of your office but they also accommodate your mobile phones.

If you are a busy business person who is always on the move; driving, in meetings and talking to clients and associates on the phone, among a vast range of other activities, it is quite easy for you to miss an important phone call. In fact, at some point in your busy schedule, you will miss one or two phone calls. Thus, you have to be prepared for such a scenario.

Unfortunately, we cannot pick the calls for you, but then, we can provide you with the next best solution and that is creating for you a customized audio message that will deal with the caller on your behalf.

Instead of just allowing your cell phone to ring out, you can use our mobile voicemail messaging service, and enjoy all the related benefits as well.

First, our tailored messaged will have your brief introduction to let your callers know you and what your business is all about. For instance, it can consist of your name, the job position that you hold or anything else you may feel is appropriate. This will provide assurance to your caller that they have made a call to the right person. If you wish, you can even encourage the callers to leave a message, then inform then that you will call them back shortly.

Moreover, you can suggest that the caller pays a visit to your official website for more information as they wait for you to call back. You could also provide them with alternative contact details that they can use to get the help or information that they need.

As you promote your business or push out your brand, it is imperative that you stay consistent. The voicemail of your mobile phone needs to be consistent with the ones that are on the rest of the telephone system in your business. This will help in keeping your business memorable to all the callers apart from aiding in instant recognition.

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