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Messages And Music On Hold

Did you know that the callers who are welcomed by music and messages while waiting on hold have a lower likelihood of hanging up? On the other hand, customers who are welcomed by total silence-zero audible cues such as music or messages to indicate that their phone calls are still connected tend to hung up within just 60 seconds! With on-hold music and messages from Xinix World, you will easily retain a lot more customers and this will surely boost your opportunities for sales and services.

According to a recent survey, almost 75% of callers in UK prefer listening to audio rather than uncomfortable silence or occasional beeps. When soothing tunes or upbeat music plays as they wait, callers tend to perceive shorter waiting times. Moreover, music serves as a subtle but crucial reminder that they are still waiting in the queue and not stuck in an endless pit of lost calls. By the addition of messages that keep playing at timed intervals, you can take advantage of your on hold audience. Entertain your customers with interesting and/or fun facts about your company or you can use that opportunity to make special announcements as well. Xinix World gives admins and users and opportunity to customize the on-hold music tracks and messages easily so that you can deliver quick and solid results for your callers and revenues.

Benefits of On-Hold Music and Messages

Retain More Callers with Messages and Music

  • Quick implementation of on-hold messages and music for your callers. Your Xinix World cloud phone system comes with a collection of default voice messages and over 500 on-hold music tracks. That way, you can start your communication with your clients while they are on hold right away.
  • Configuration capabilities such that the system can pause the on-hold music at specific time intervals and play on-hold voice updates that assure the customers that their calls are still connected to the current queue
  • You can easily record customized messages that will serve to soothe the callers so that they can stay in line and make them feel like their waiting times are much shorter.
  • Apart from the vast music track collection that comes with your Xinix World account, you are also given the option to upload your own on-hold music (that has been licensed accordingly for use).

Powerful Controls That Deliver Targeted Information

  • You can set up targeted message recordings and accompanying on-hold music tracks that specific customers will hear while on hold.
  • Choose the types of on-hold messages and music that customers will hear depending on set criteria such as; the incoming caller ID number they dial, time or even day of the week.
  • Every user can choose the kind of messages and tracks that callers will hear when calls are made to their extensions-this is particularly useful for communication of holiday hours or passing across information about specific teams or departments.
    Pass Across Useful and Important Information with On-Hold Messages
  • You can save you precious time with valuable messages that cover frequently asked questions. For example enquiries about directions, locations and even business hours.
  • Bring out a professionally polished image with messages that are specifically designed to boost your brand’s presence and overall reputation.
  • Increase your sales and create excitement easily by informing your customers about your latest services, products or special events while they are on hold.

FAQs about On-Hold Music and Messages

What are the audio options for on-hold calls?

  • Our Xinix World Office offers several music and message audio options for on-hold calls that you can use. Your on-hold callers can hear messages alone, music alone or a combination of messages and music played according to specific intervals that you can set.
  • You have the option of choosing to have your customers hear silence alone when they are placed on hold. However, you will increase the number of prematurely disconnected calls by your callers if you do this and may have a negative impact on your business.
  • Xinix World has highly configurable settings that that you can control either broadly or with specifics as you wish the kind of messages and music that each caller will hear when placed on hold. You can choose to have all your callers hear the same kind of messages and music while on hold or you can set different music and/or messages to play for various clients with respect to criteria such as the dumber dialed by the customer, incoming caller ID, time of day or day of the week.

How large is Xinix World’s music catalogue?
Your Xinix World account consists of over 500 music tracks that range from more than a dozen styles and genres. In short, there’s something for everyone.

Can I use customized music?
Yes. You can do so by simply uploading royalty free or original music files (WAV or MP3 format) to your Xinix Word account. From there, you can use the music for your on hold callers.
Polite Notice: Music that has been commercially produced (this includes the majority of tracks that have been published on vinyl, cassettes, CDs as well as streaming or digital music tracks) must be licensed whether you are using with personal or business phones systems.

Which file formats am I supposed to use for customized music?

  • You should use either WAV or MP3 format for music files that you want to use with your Xinix World account.
  • The recommended WAV file settings are CCITT 8 bit, 8 KHz, mono, u-law (G711a) or PCM, 16-bit, 8 kHz, mono.

Should I license the music or pay off royalties?

  • The default music tracks that come with your account are fully licensed for use with your Xinix World system. You are not required to pay any extra fees.
  • If you upload WAV or MP3 music files for using with your phone system, then you may have to pay royalties or license fees. There are strict International copyright regulations that set limits of how and where you can play the music. Even if you bought the music recordings ( MP3 files, CDs, etc.), you are not the legal owner of the music and you must therefore obtain the licenses.

How can I obtain the proper licenses?

  • For most of the music that was recorded with the past 50 years, require a public performance license.
  • For most of the music that was commercially recorded and produced within the United Kingdom, you can obtain the license a PPL UK and PRS Music.
  • For the majority of the music that was produced in North America, you can obtain the licenses from ASCAP and BMI.

Can I record my own messages?

  • Yes! With Xinix World, you have the flexibility and freedom to record, upload and make use of your own customized messages whenever you want.
  • We recommend that you write a script and rehearse the message several times before finally recording it. Furthermore, it’s an excellent idea to listen to on hold messages and announcements that are very similar in content and tone to what you are looking to create for your business.

Can I record the messages using celebrities or professional voice performers?

  • Yes! It is a good idea to record your custom messages with any actor or professional talent service that you want. Once the recording is done, you can then upload the files in MP3 or WAV format to your Xinix World account and you can start using them however you want.
  • To make it much easier for clients to make use of professionally polished and refined messages and greetings, Xinix World has collaborated with US based Snap Recordings; they are industry giants when it comes to telephone voice recording.

How simple is it to use Snap Recordings for recording my customized messages?

  • Snap Recordings offers a vast range of packages, some of which go as low as £50. This makes it quite easy for you to create you custom messages and start using them as fast as possible.
  • To start the easy three-step process of bringing your customized recordings to life, pay a visit to Snap Recordings now.
  • Select from a talent pool of over 80 professional, prominent voice artists.
  • Upload your customized script and within as little as 7-10 days, your message will be ready to use after being professionally recorded for you. You will then be able to delightfully inform your on hold customers.<l/i>

For my custom messages, which formats should I use?

  • You can either use WAV or MP3 formatted audio files with your Xinix World account.
  • For the WAV files, the recommended settings are, CCITT 8 bit, 8 KHz, mono, u-law (G711a) or PCM, 16-bit, 8 kHz, mono.

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