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Hosted Exchange

Cloud-based Microsoft Exchange business email from the world's largest independent provider.

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Tailored For You

Hosted Exchange allows users to create bespoke environments, suited to match the needs of the business rather than the vendor.

Continuous Backup

We constantly back up the data of your emails, then copy it to our alternate data centre in the UK. With us, the safety of your emails is guaranteed.


We use award winning antimalware, anti-spam and antivirus software to scan your emails for total protection against spam, viruses and malware

Complete Compatibility

We use Microsoft Exchange services so that we can offer enterprise-level integration for Outlook Web Applications across all devices.

Wall of features

  • Exchange Server 2013 technology
  • 125GB Mailbox size
  • Up to 10 email address aliases
  • Multiple UK-based data-centres
  • Optional Outlook 2016 licence
  • Optional Outlook 2016 Mac licence
  • Outlook Anywhere access
  • Instant 'push' email
  • Organisation-wide address list
  • Multiple domains
  • Shared calendars
  • Shared tasks
  • Shared contacts
  • Distribution groups
  • Room mailboxes
  • Mail-enabled contacts
  • Access multiple inboxes from Outlook
  • Delegate access
  • Mobile 'Push & Sync' technology
  • Sync with iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone,
    Android etc
  • Sync with Blackberry 10
  • Remote mobile data wipe
  • Data replication for peace-of-mind
  • No set-up fees
  • 99.9% financially backed SLA
  • MessageStream Anti-Spam
  • Anti-Virus protection
  • Instant activation and provisioning
  • Every mailbox hosted on 3x Exchange servers for
    ultra resilience
  • 40MB attachment size
  • Web-based multi-client provisioning portal
  • No minimum mailboxes
  • Domain name management
  • Exceptional Support™ - email, online and telephone
  • Emergency technician support
  • Access to migration service
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Monthly payment plan
  • End of month billing
  • Invoiced billing

Additional Features

Hosted Exchange also comes with a variety of features dedicated for optimising the productivity and user-friendliness for your business. It’s as simple as enabling the features that you require via our Cloud Marketplace.

Email Security Including Archiving up to 10 Years

We use highly acclaimed, award-winning Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam and Anti-Malware software together with secure, long-term archiving of email. Therefore, you are guaranteed of:

  • Rock solid security on your e-mail archives
  • Retention of your e-mails for up to 10 years
  • Archives for your Inbox and Sent items folder
  • Internal Exchange e-mail archives
  • Instant recovery of emails
  • Domain-wide recovery of emails
Distribution Groups

With this feature, you can easily create and managed distribution groups and thus you will have the following advantages:

  • Efficient communication and collaboration
  • Easily specify the users in your business that should receive the messages from a distribution group
  • Ensure that you don’t exceed the maximum number of recipients per message
Equipment/Room Mailboxes

You can also add resource mailboxes dedicated to vehicles, company equipment, training rooms and meeting rooms.


Easy and quick addition of extra permissions (either Send As or Full) for mailboxes for additional users right from the portal of your Cloud Marketplace.

SPAM Filtering

Every single mailbox that’s found on our Hosted Exchange platform is securely covered by industry standard anti-spam protection. We use the latest, most effective Anti-Spam technology that guarantees that each incoming email within the Hosted Exchange environment undergoes about 100 thorough Anti-Spam tests.


What is hosted Exchange?

Essentially, hosted exchange is a messaging platform based on the cloud and is tailored for business.
Thanks to Hostage Exchange your clientele can enjoy more efficient and effective management, communication and collaboration.
This service comes with a wide variety of features such as file sharing, shared contacts, shared calendars and emails. These and many other customized features boost the levels of productivity of your clients and help in the maintenance of high performance standards.

Hosted vs on-site

When choosing between Hosted Exchange versus On-Site exchange, the main consideration is usually the associated costs. On-site Exchange is known for its pretty heavy expenditure particularly since an Exchange licence and a physical server are needed. In addition, there is an extra substantial cost of installation and ongoing support services are required.
Thankfully, with Hosted Exchange, it becomes more economical for businesses to utilize the server of Microsoft Exchange. However, rather than having the hosting done on-site, the solution is offered as a subscription service on a monthly basis. This leads to a lot of time saving, cost-effectiveness and enables businesses to focus their time, money and attention in other aspects of the business.