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Email Security

With award-winning email protection

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Email Archiving

Tamper proof long term security of your emails.

Spam & Virus Protection

Safeguard your email accounts from time-wasting spam and malicious viruses

Xinix Email Security Highlights

Xinix Email security is a client service that is based on the cloud. There is no software required for installation, zero maintenance is needed and no updates are required. Everything will happen before your network and thus, you don’t need to worry about it.

Processed in the Cloud

The Xinix Email security service is an exceptionally secure system of email management that us processed via the cloud. Basically, the threats in your emails are eradicated at the internet level, before the mail gets to the network of your client. You receive maximum security with minimal resource expenditure. A smart email management solution for smarter businesses.

Anti-Spam Protection

The Anti-Spam Security technology for Xinix goes 90 layers deep. It uses next-generation investigation techniques that involve both reputation and content based scanning for a guarantee of incomparable results.

Safe Archiving

With Xinix Email Security, you’ll also enjoy top-notch archiving services that ensure that you have air tight security for long term storage of your clientele’s business emails in several data centres located in different geographical stations. Moreover, in case your client needs access to any of the archived emails, there is a highly effective search-and-recover capability for quick access.

Control panel access

Through the online management portal of Xinix, you can easily access all your clientele in a single place. In addition, those clients have the choice of distributed or centralised secure online access to the mailbox and account settings. The control panel also allows you and your clients a chance for secure viewing and resending of emails, including the ones that have been archived for a long time or those flagged as spam

A Cloud-Based Service

Irrespective of the size of your business, our outstanding cloud-based technology services offer your clientele access to a global leader in matters of email security. You will enjoy and benefit from maximum residual revenue since you don’t require the installation of any hardware or software to start using our cutting-edge email management platform.

No set-up fees
No signing of long-term commitments or contracts
No expensive software or hardware needs to be installed
Plug in to large and secure UK based cloud infrastructure
24-hour expert monitoring
Skilled and helpful technical support