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Luxury Long Range Jets Add Boosted VoIP Service

They are prided as ‘…the world’s first truly personalized private airline.’ Zetta Jet, whose headquarters are in Singapore brings a promise of the ultimate luxurious experience in their first class flights on their fleet of ultra-long range business jet; the Bombardier Global. The Zetta Jet is among the few airlines that are able to fly across the long Polar routes that cross the Pacific Rim, while pampering their passengers with an exclusive combination of deluxe Asian service and European elegance, and the finest amenities available to luxury and business travellers.

Those amenities are now going to be inclusive of fast in-flight Internet service and VoIP phone calls, thanks to a new collaboration with ViaSat, a well-known technology systems and global broadband services provider. The network of ViaSat covers over 90% of the most popular flight routes globally, with high-capacity high-performance satellites. These satellites are the ones that enable Zetta Jet to guarantee reliable and continuous connectivity for business clients throughout the entire journey.

This new in-flight Zetta Jet broadband service has already logged some record usage stats at ViaSat, with more than 40GB of consumed data on a single business jet in just a month. If you prefer travelling by sea, you can still get you VoIP services. Book your next luxury cruise with the esteemed Royal Caribbean International, the only cruise carrier among the top 5 global cruise lines that presently provides boosted Wi-Fi services, which includes VoIP telephone calls at only 50 cents every minute.

The IT Requirements Of A 4-Star Hotel

Today, full-service hotels need networks that are able to expand exponentially so that they can seamlessly accommodate all visitor devices as well as their high-performance applications. The constantly-on, connected visitor has restructured the communications service priorities for both restaurants and hotels.

The Swire Hotels group manages a string of uniquely individual establishments (according to their brochures), across Mainland China and Hong Kong. Not long ago, the Swire Hotels launched their first venue in the US, known as EAST, Miami, at the heart of Downtown Miami, in the Brickell City Centre. As part of their vow to provide premium quality with luxury hotel service, East, Miami set up a core data infrastructure that is able to support the enormous technology systems of the hotel and meet the high IT demands of the building.

The management of the hotel decided to bring on board an expert company on data products and services known as Unified Technologies to service the requirements of the network which includes; low voltage power systems, information storage, LAN switching and multiple Cisco Data Centres. The system’s backbone is fully redundant and was constructed to support everything starting from video surveillance, centralized and VoIP audio-video to intelligent elevators and even the 4K resolution Samsung Smart Television platforms in the rooms of guests and board/conference rooms. All this is inclusive of first-class video walls, and super-high-speed, beacon ready Wi-Fi.

E911 Boost Campus Security

Regrettably, there has been an increase in the rate of crime on our college campuses. Aggravated assault, armed robbery and even rape have turned lots of universities into risky places to be upon nightfall. These numbers have increased to a point where the federal government has now made it a requirement that campus crime statistics of universities and colleges be reported in the same way the cities in the US report incident within their jurisdiction.

In Pennsylvania, West Chester University is the 4th largest institution of higher learning in the area. The school offers over 100 undergraduate and postgraduate programs and to help in keeping the students safe, it recently decided to boost their emergency response phone system by implementing Conveyant System’s E911 technology.

This newly adopted system is meant to support the progressively mobile environment that is currently on the modern campuses of today. Before the E911 solution was set up, the dispatchers at the public safety centre of the campus were not always able to establish the precise location of a caller and this hampered the ability of sending responders as quickly as possible.

In particular, in a university’s VoIP environment where telephones can be relocated and plugged back in anywhere else, identification of the precise location of a 911 caller can be quite problematic. The new solution brought by E911 fixed this problem by integrating with the current Avaya communications systems of the school. The IT staff is immediately alerted by the E911 system whenever a VoIP telephone is moved and to where it has been moved. This leads to faster responding times in moments when every second counts.

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