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Local And Toll Free Virtual Numbers Worldwide How They Work

For instance, if you reside in the UK but your business office is in Argentina or you just have callers within the Argentine locale, your best bet for efficient and effective communication is buying an Argentinian international virtual number. Thus, your clients who reside anywhere within Argentina can call you through your Argentina Toll Free number without incurring any cost and they can contact you via any global phone number of your choice.

The Difference Between a Local DID Number and a Toll Free Number

The main difference is that with a local number, your callers can reach you within a small geographical region whereas toll free phone numbers provide accessibility in an entire country

Call Forwarding Using a Local Virtual Number

A local number allows the people who call you to reach you via your new number without incurring any extra charges as long as they make the call from the same geographical location as your local number of choice or the area code.
Callers that reach you anywhere out of the specified calling region of the new local phone number will still be able to reach you via your local DID number from any country, but then, they will incur long distance extra charges from their respective phone companies.

For instance, you can have a Rome, Italy local DID number. For any caller who is located in Rome, that would be a local call while for someone located in a different country, it would be a long distance call. The long distance callers would be charged accordingly, just like any other international call. Therefore, anyone in the UK for example will have to pay international charges to call your Rome, Italy local number.

Basically, this means that if you decide to acquire a Paris, France local number, the callers who reach you from your new Paris local number will not incur any additional long distance charges. You the owner of the number will also pay the Paris, France per-minute rates to your dialled-to number with respect to specific rates.

Call Divert Using a Toll Free Virtual Phone Number

You can choose your Toll Free or Local DID Number in up to 108 countries which include: the UK, France, Australia, Canada and Hong Kong among many other countries.

Callers within your country of choice can reach your dedicated toll free number free of charge. So, the call forwarding phone number will essentially be a toll free phone number specific to the country that you select.
Your newly acquired toll free phone number could also be reachable from other different countries, but the international callers will be surcharged with their respective phone companies depending on their very own calling rates.

As for you, the owner of the toll free call forwarding number, the per minute call charges from the toll free number of your choice to the dialled numbers will be based on the rates of the chosen country.

Get a Virtual Phone Line in Countries of Your Choice.

If you have the need to provide your callers a New York City phone number for example, you can order a local number with the (646) New York area code. This way, the majority of your New York based clients will be able to call you through the 646 number without being charged any extra fees from their local phone company providers when reaching you through your virtual number. This is also applicable to lots of other cities in the United States.

Fundamentally, a local virtual number allows a caller in the same area code or city of the local number of your choice to connect to your local number without any extra charges to the caller. In fact, the call to your acquired virtual number may be completely free of charge for your callers, but this will be dependent on the rate plan the caller has with the local phone company provider.

Therefore, if you are located in Lost Angeles, California but require a telepresence in Mississippi, buy a Mississippi virtual number then direct your calls to Los Angeles.

Similarly, if you are in The United Kingdom and you require a phone number in the United States, select from any of the cities and states in the US then direct your calls to your UK phone number.

Extra Built-in Features

  1. Voice Mail
  2. Call Recording Services
  3. Clock time routing – with the time zone settings
  4. Caller ID – always know the incoming callers phone number

Free Additional Advanced Features

The features that follow can either be enabled or disabled by the customers depending on their preferences, via the Customer Management Control Panel. This means that once you are provided with the login link after the activation of your account, you can easily log in to your account then set up these extra features according to what you like.

Maximum Waiting Time On Answer

This is the feature that dictates the amount of time the system will wait for an answer before considering a call as failed and moving forward to the next ring to number. Ringing time changes can be varied from about 15 to 40 seconds. This time is just an approximate value but within a +/- 5 seconds range. Meaning that if you set 20 seconds to be your ringing time to your ‘ring to’ number, it may end up being as much as 25 seconds or as little as 15 seconds. The default ring time setting before a call is considered unsuccessful is four rings.

For that reason, if your state of affairs demands a longer ring time, then you should definitely make use of the maximum ‘waiting time’ modification. Most customers tend to experiment with this particular setting before they settle on what works best for them while some just settle on the default setting.

The Local Ringtone

This is another extra feature which enables the system to play a localized ringing tone (the tone that plays while you wait for your recipient to answer the call). You can choose from 40 countries or just select the default remote-end ring-back tone, i.e. the audio is transferred through from the destination.

This free feature is the easiest way to boost the local appeal to your callers when they dial your Local DID number or the Toll Free number.

Presently we have 40 different country local ringing tones that you can choose from as a customer. In case you don’t find the country you are looking for, you can select from the available tones.

All these settings can be found under the Customer Management Control Panel in the advanced forwarding settings page.
The Customer Management Control Panel link is sent to all customers once they receive the account activation confirmation email.

Command Your Call Forwarding Number to Reroute Your Calls to Any Other International Phone Number Globally

You can acquire a local number from a selection of cities from 108 countries which include Rio de Janeiro Brazil, Rome Italy, Istanbul Turkey and Paris France.

For instance, you could be residing in the UK but your office is located in Argentina or your callers are in Argentina; the solution is simple. Just buy an Argentina Toll Free phone number. This way, all the callers that are within Argentina will be able to reach you without having to pay any extra phone charges via your Argentina Toll Free Number in the UK or at any global virtual line number of your choosing.

Other Applications

  1. If you are a Greek cruise line operator for example and you want to simplify the process through which your clientele from the United States contact your reservation desk in Greece, you can easily get rid of the obstacle of your U.S callers by providing them with a U.S Toll Free virtual number. Buying a U.S Toll Free number will allow them to reach you with absolutely no extra costs.
  2. If you own a chateau whose headquarters are in France and you have distributors across the globe, e.g. in Germany, Australia, Italy, UK, New Zealand and the US, you can just acquire a Toll Free numbers to all the specific countries under your list of distributors. Therefore, all the callers from the countries you have selected will be redirected to the phone number of your main office in France.

Simultaneous Calls

This is yet another free feature that enables you to accept and forward multiple calls at the same time. This exclusive feature is available for most of the countries in which the local numbers are offered.

The Quality of Call Forwarding

This service is centred on the PSTN (Public Network Infrastructure) and it is not an internet based VoIP service in any way. Calls that are transferred through the VoIP are often faced with bandwidth issues and uncontrollable transport among other quality issues.

The quality issues related to VoIP services become even more notable particularly in international forwarding if calls. On the other hand, the quality issues when using the Global Call Forwarding service are practically non-existent.

What are the Associated costs?

The call forwarding city that you chose is the main determinant of the costs of your Virtual Number calls. Take a look at these two examples:

  1. If you are looking to acquire a Sydney Australia phone number, you will be charged a $0.062 (6.32¢) per minute rate for redirection of calls from your Sydney phone number to another number in the United States.
  2. If you want to buy a Paris France virtual number, the rate per minute to forward phone calls to the United Kingdom from Paris is $0.057 (5.7¢)

Also, depending on the country, area code or city you choose;

  • There is a fee charged monthly, subject to the plan that you choose.
  • There are rates charged per minute depending your plan and the country location of your ‘’ring to’’ phone number.

View All the Rates and The Availability of Virtual Numbers from our site.

Give your family, friends, customers or associates a Local DID Number and have all your calls directed to any particular phone number you want, anywhere across the globe.

Thus, if you are a frequent traveller or if your family and friends are overseas, or you have customers located in a variety of countries, you can easily provide them with a local phone number and you will be able to receive their calls wherever you are.

This service can be used to forward calls either to your landline or cell phones. In addition, you can use an international virtual number to forward your cell phone calls to a different country.

Modifying Your ‘Ring to’ Number

After the activation of your virtual line, you can log in online and change your call forwarding phone number. This modification is quite effective and it only takes a few seconds to make the change.
For example; You can forward your calls to a phone number in Japan in the morning then come evening, you can modify the same call forwarding number to a phone number in the United Kingdom. Apart from that, you can also change it from your mobile phone to your landline at any time.

When callers dial my virtual phone, what will they hear?

The phone call connection is quite fast. The callers will hear the regular call processing, just like any other call they make.

What Is a Private Virtual Number?

This is your dedicated and personal virtual phone number for your own use and distribution that is assigned to your account. It does not require the entering of an extension by your callers so that they can reach you.

Is Voice Mail incorporated?

Yes, voice mail is part of the features that are included

What are the costs?

The costs tend to vary with respect to the country and the city selected and the rate per minute.
After making your call, just change the ‘‘ring-to’’ phone number back to normal.

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