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Drive innovation and bring success with our managed virtual CIO servicesOur Virtual Chief Information Officer service is a whole package to help you manage your business. With strategic planning, expertise, and guidance from our dedicated VCIO team, we can help you unlock new potentials for your business by helping you navigate through the complex world of technology. From basic to crucial IT management services, we have it all in our VCIO solution!

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    Our team of professional IT strategists, IT managers, and IT security experts are here to assist you as your own dedicated Virtual CIO team. They will help you actively navigate your ICT journey and make necessary changes along the way. They coordinate with your internal management and IT team, if it exists, and advise on how and which technology can be used to best improve efficiency and growth in your business.


    Remote Monitoring Management

    Our IT experts remotely monitor all IT projects with complete visibility of your systems and assets in real-time. By addressing problems without disturbing users or causing downtime, this service can help prevent threats before they become catastrophic.


    Mobile Device Management

    With our mobile device management service, you can prevent the purchase of unwanted apps and keep the data of your clients safe and secure. We can provide wifi access, track the location of the device, set up corporate email, and wipe the data in case of device theft or threat with our device management service.


    Audit and Inventory

    Keeping a check on your performance can help ensure steady growth – be it a business setup or service provider. Audit and inventory services help keep track of all inputs and outputs throughout the month and analyze the information on all your company’s IT assets for a more impactful strategy.


    Password Management

    The majority of the breaches are caused due to weak or reused passwords. Don’t risk your data, and let our password manager do it for you!


    Email Security and Archiving

    Xinix VCIO team provides cloud-based security tools to help you keep your emails organized, secure, and stored for the future. We protect your inbound and outbound emails with the use of collective threat intelligence, 24/7 email continuity solutions, and long-term email archiving – all at an affordable price.


    Professional Email Signature

    Create a formal impression on your prospects and customers every time you send an email. With our Virtual CIO services, your every email account will get a full, dynamic, and professional email signature when sent from any web-enabled device. This will enable you to establish a brand identity and leave a lasting impression on your customers.


    Health and Performance

    Our Network Operations Center system uses the collected data to provide dashboard alerting and visibility, allowing our service consultants to proactively sort out any issues that could potentially disturb the productivity and performance of your staff members.

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    Worldwide virtual Numbers

    Enhance Productivity

    Enhance your workflow with smooth functioning devices, organized cloud, and protected data


    Save Time and Budget

    Outsource your IT services, and save huge amounts by saving resources for training and letting our experts manage your tech requirements.


    Affordable It Support Service Packages

    Our IT support packages have been carefully created to provide a comprehensive and affordable selection of IT services to meet your budget and requirements.

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    One-Stop for IT Solution

    Xinix takes pride in its IT team, consisting of trained IT experts with years of experience and diverse skill sets.

    CRM Integrations

    Everything Managed

    Bring all your business requirements in one place and have us manage all your IT needs. Our business it support packages are super affordable. In addition, we offer small business it support packages to cater to needs of small businesses and startups.

    high video and voice quality

    Five Star Service

    Our subscribers rate us as number one for reliability of our services and affordable business it support packages. This has been the result of our continuous efforts of being customer-centric. We don’t outsource, our team is dedicated and focused to deliver the the best results.

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