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Secure your digital frontier – Managed security services by Xinix

In our digitally-driven world, cybersecurity is an evolving challenge, particularly with the rise of remote and hybrid work models. Xinix, a security-centric IT services provider, offers comprehensive managed cybersecurity services. Our vigilant Chief Information Security Officers continuously monitor and safeguard your cloud data against potential cyber threats.

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    Your Trusted IT cybersecurity service provider

    Xinix IT security services work by embedding itself in desktop and mobile applications like OneDrive, Microsoft Office, and Outlook. Once activated, our system identifies suspicious activities that may lead to data breaches.
    In such a hyper-connected world where cloud services are used to store sensitive data and personal information, both inherent and residual risk are increasing. Unprotected cloud services in the time of hailing sophisticated cybercriminals are just like handing them a free ticket for a successful cyber attack or data breach.

    Therefore, cybersecurity is the service to protect companies against ransomware attacks, phishing schemes, identity theft, financial losses, and data breaches. Our security professionals take a complete insight into your organizational data security and eliminate threats to reduce the risk of cyber attacks.

    Here is what Xinix has to offer to safeguard your digital assets

    Worldwide virtual Numbers

    Enhance Productivity

    Enhance your workflow with smooth functioning devices, organized cloud, and protected data


    Save Time and Budget

    Outsource your IT services, and save huge amounts by saving resources for training and letting our experts manage your tech requirements.


    Affordable It Support Service Packages

    Our IT support packages have been carefully created to provide a comprehensive and affordable selection of IT services to meet your budget and requirements.

    voip CRM Integrations

    One-Stop for IT Solution

    Xinix takes pride in its IT team, consisting of trained IT experts with years of experience and diverse skill sets.

    CRM Integrations

    Everything Managed

    Bring all your business requirements in one place and have us manage all your IT needs. Our business it support packages are super affordable. In addition, we offer small business it support packages to cater to needs of small businesses and startups.

    high video and voice quality

    Five Star Service

    Our subscribers rate us as number one for reliability of our services and affordable business it support packages. This has been the result of our continuous efforts of being customer-centric. We don’t outsource, our team is dedicated and focused to deliver the the best results.

    Why hire us as your managed cybersecurity service provider?

    Protecting your business is our priority. Here at Xinix, our tech enthusiasts work relentlessly to safeguard your digital frontier with our cutting-edge cybersecurity strategies and solutions. We offer fully managed IT solutions including server monitoring, evaluation and maintenance, network design, security, cybersecurity, DNS protection, contingency planning, backup, recovery, and so on.

    Here is why you should go for a managed IT cybersecurity service provider:

    Access to IT experts

    We have a whole dedicated team of tech experts who can efficiently implement and manage advanced security tools to protect your digital assets to ensure business continuity and disaster prevention. Let us safeguard your digital frontier while you focus on your business success.

    Enhanced efficiency

    With our proactive approach, our team can quickly identify and resolve any potential security issue. This prevents a potential disaster and reduces downtime; thus ensuring optimal workflow and enhanced efficiency.

    Cost-effective approach

    Simplify your life and save a significant part of your budget by choosing our IT security services. We have no recurring charges or hidden fees, no surprise billing; just a monthly bill according to your chosen plan.

    Peace of mind

    Sleep easy knowing that our team is working round the clock to protect your data and your valuable digital assets are in safe hands.

    Exceptional customer care

    Our customer care team is 24/7 available and here to help you anytime you need assistance.


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