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In today’s digitally-driven world, the cybersecurity landscape is changing and becoming even more challenging for IT experts. As businesses are adopting remote and hybrid working models, it is imperative to integrate systems and devices to create a more flexible working environment and this is why your digital assets are vulnerable to cybercrime and data breaches.
Xinix, a trusted cyber security services company, brings you fully managed cyber security services. Our chief information security officers continuously monitor and protect your cloud data to proactively detect and block prospective cyber attack threats.

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    Your Trusted Provider Of Managed Cyber Security Services In UK

    Xinix’s IT and cyber security services work by embedding itself in desktop and mobile applications like OneDrive, Microsoft Office, and Outlook. Once activated, our system identifies suspicious activities that may lead to data breaches.  

    In such a hyper-connected world where cloud services are used to store sensitive data and personal information, both inherent and residual risks are increasing. Unprotected cloud services in the time of hailing sophisticated cybercriminals are just like handing them a free ticket for a successful cyber attack or data breach. 

    Therefore, cybersecurity is the service to protect companies against ransomware attacks, phishing schemes, identity theft, financial losses, and data breaches. Our security professionals take complete insight into your organizational data security and eliminate threats to reduce the risk of cyber attacks. 

    Depending on your business’s specific needs and goals, we offer flexible plans and fully customized cyber security solutions.

    Here is what Xinix has to offer to safeguard your digital assets

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    Risk Assessment and Threat Detection

    As a trusted managed cyber security services company in UK, we offer robust and strategic cyber security solutions. Our team will regularly conduct security audits, risk assessments, and vulnerability scans. This will help us to identify and mitigate potential cyber threats to protect your valuable data. Furthermore, our expert team will provide a detailed report enlisting security gaps, areas of improvement, recommendations, and strategies to secure your IT infrastructure and valuable data.


    Network Security Assessment

    Our robust network security assessment and security solutions ensure defense against cyber attacks, unauthorized access, and security breaches. Our team will ensure network security through firewall implementation, threat detection, advanced threat protection systems, and so on. Rest assured, we implement strategies and solutions tailored as per your organization’s unique need to secure your network infrastructure.


    Endpoint Device Management

    As businesses are adopting remote and hybrid working, they have to integrate systems and devices. Endpoint devices include laptops, tablets, desktops, and so on. Such integrations create a more flexible and unified working environment. However, this can be an entry point for cyber-attacks, data theft, and security breaches. Therefore, our team will implement advanced cyber security strategies and techniques, firewalls, encryption, and user authentication methods to ensure data protection and integrity.

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    Response and Recovery

    Our dedicated team works round the clock to proactively detect and respond to any unfortunate event of data theft or security breach. We will be able to counter any cyber threat quickly and with minimal downtime. In addition, we follow industry standard practices to pinpoint the root cause. Our team will report their findings and recommendations to prevent and mitigate cyber threats in the future.

    CRM Integrations

    Cyber Security Employee Training

    We understand how crucial it is to have a well-trained team to combat and minimize the risk of cyber attacks. Therefore, we offer comprehensive cyber security employee training programs for organizations. Our goal is to educate and train your employees about cybersecurity and essential security measures. With the help of such training, your workforce will be able to proactively identify, prevent, and mitigate cyber threats. Simply put, your well-trained team will prove to be your first line of defense against cyber criminals.

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    Five Star Service

    Our subscribers rate us as number one for reliability of our services and affordable business it support packages. This has been the result of our continuous efforts of being customer-centric. We don’t outsource, our team is dedicated and focused to deliver the the best results.

    Why hire us as your managed cybersecurity service provider?

    Protecting your business is our priority. Here at Xinix, our tech enthusiasts work relentlessly to safeguard your digital frontier with our cutting-edge cybersecurity strategies and solutions. We offer fully managed IT solutions including server monitoring, evaluation and maintenance, network design, security, cybersecurity, DNS protection, contingency planning, backup, recovery, and so on.

    Safeguard Your Digital Assets With Managed Cyber Security Solutions

    Antivirus and Malware

    Protecting your devices from threats can become a challenge at times. As a trusted cyber security services company, we help you keep both known and emerging threats away with antivirus and malware. Our experts will conduct sophisticated system checks, behavioral scanning, and signature-based protection.

    2-Factor Authentication

    This feature protects your devices from breaches by disabling someone from logging into your accounts and devices even if they have your passwords and information. This additional verification requires you to enter a randomized 6-digit code you receive at your selected compatible application. 

    Dark Web Monitoring

    The dark web can make things very ‘dark’ if not dealt with appropriately. It is better to stay proactive and keep your data secure before anything happens. Our monitoring team will immediately detect if your data, passwords, and credentials hit the Dark Web and stop prospective cyberattacks.

    Cloud Backup and Security

    Many things can go wrong with a device. Therefore, data backup and security have become a necessity to sustain a business in such digital times. 

    Device Encryption

    Create an extended protective layer to mitigate risks of data exposure from theft or loss of stored data with device encryption. Keep your user information, and sensitive data secure without any risks of theft or exposure. 

    DNS Protection

    Keep your employees secure with Domain Name Servers protection when browsing the web. DNS is used to find the location of your domain request and with our Managed Security Services, we make sure your employees get there safely by being sent to the right location and not a malicious site, governmental control, or unethical commercial location.


    Empowering Businesses With Managed Cyber Security In London?

    Protecting your business is our priority. Here at Xinix, the leading provider of cyber security services in UK, our tech enthusiasts work relentlessly to safeguard your digital frontier with our cutting-edge cybersecurity strategies and solutions. We offer fully managed IT solutions including server monitoring, evaluation and maintenance, network design, security, cybersecurity, DNS protection, contingency planning, backup, recovery, and so on.

    Here is why you should go for a managed IT cybersecurity service provider:

    Access to IT experts

    We have a dedicated team of tech experts who can efficiently implement and manage advanced security tools to protect your digital assets and ensure business continuity and disaster prevention. Let us safeguard your digital frontier while you focus on your business success.

    Customized Solutions

    We understand that every organization has different and unique needs. Therefore, we offer customized managed cyber security solutions tailored to your specific needs and aligned to your goals and budget to get optimal results.


    Simplify your life and save a significant part of your budget by choosing our IT security services. We have no recurring charges or hidden fees, no surprise billing; just a monthly bill according to your chosen plan for cyber security solutions for your business.

    Cyber Security Compliance

    We ensure to follow industry standards and regulatory compliance. This will enable an optimized and secure infrastructure and cyber security. 

    Continuous Monitoring and Support

    Our team works round the clock to identify and mitigate potential cyber threats and security risks to safeguard your valuable data. We also ensure 24/7 support and guidance for our clients.

    Continuous Improvement

    Our expert team continuously updates their knowledge and skills to be able to counter the continuously emerging and evolving cyber threats. 

    Exceptional Customer Support

    What makes us the best cyber security services company in UK is dedicated customer care. Our team is 24/7 available and here to help you anytime you need assistance.

    Data Privacy

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