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Ensure regulatory compliance and stay ahead of cyber threats with our reliable it auditing services.

Request an assessment of our IT auditing services today to uncover system vulnerabilities and improve your organization's cybersecurity. Xinix is dedicated to delivering an exceptional client experience, with our skilled team offering in-depth analysis, assessments, and proactive threat identification.
We recognize that each organization is unique, so we provide customized plans and solutions to meet your technology needs. Our approach to technology audits is integrated and collaborative, ensuring a comprehensive assessment.
Our system audits help organizations identify vulnerabilities and areas for improvement, allowing you to proactively prevent future obstacles that could hinder productivity. Contact us now to get started!

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    Helping you proactivity identify system vulnerabilities to enhance cyber security governance and mitigate cyber threats


    Infrastructure Audit

    One of thy key areas of our IT audits is an in-depth audit and analysis of your organization’s core infrastructure. this will enable us to determine whether it is still the best solution or need upgradation for optimal performance. Additionally, our audit team can perform IT audits including cloud audits, application, network, database, VPN, firewall, operational system, and control audits.


    Cyber Security Auditing

    We specialize in Cybersecurity system audits, helping you reinforce your digital frontier. Our tech experts will provide you with valuable insights and detailed analysis of your IT system flaws and vulnerabilities. Thus, we will assist you devise an essential security roadmap for your organization to prevent and mitigate cyber threats.


    Backup and Recovery Audit

    Our tech experts will conduct an in-depth IT audit to review your current data backup and recovery system. Backup and recovery are crucial to ensure the continuity of business operations in case of a data breach. In this IT audit, we will ensure that your data recovery system is up-to-date and secure enough to mitigate cyber threats.


    Application Audit

    This area of IT auditing provides a detailed insight into how secure business applications such as web, mobile, and desktop applications are. With this audit, you can ensure the safety of cloud applications to prevent data theft.


    Network Audit

    This will provide detailed insight into various network parameters to determine the health of network infrastructure. Our team will provide you with a report on how you can improve your network security along with optimum network performance.


    Support and Maintenance

    We also provide information system audits for operational systems, support, and maintenance. Our team will review and identify the areas of improvement and inefficiencies that may cause unnecessary expenditures


    Cost and ROI

    Our audit team will review and inspect your current IT system to determine whether your system is still as cost-effective or require some changes and reforms.

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