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Boost Your Business IT System Efficiency With Xinix โ€“ Your Trusted Partner For Managed IT Support In Tower Hamlets
Xinix brings you award-winning managed IT support services in Tower Hamlets. Based in east London, we have been pioneers of IT support services for local businesses, organizations, and charities.
Experience IT excellence with our incredibly responsive, rapid, and flexible business IT support. By partnering with us, you will have access to a group of highly accredited, skilled, and knowledgeable IT experts and engineers.
With our customer-centric approach, we are committed to delivering a personalized experience and IT services that align with your business goals.
Join us today and unlock new realms of IT excellence for your business and stay ahead of the technology curve.

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    Get Expert IT Support In Tower Hamlets

    For more than a decade, Xinix has been enabling businesses to optimize their IT infrastructure and boost its performance and efficiency. We deliver more personalized IT solutions that perfectly align with your business IT needs, budget, and goals. We offer:

    Group 1873
    • Installation of the IT system; servers, network, and hardwareย ย ย 
    • Checking web connectivity, server availability, and backup options
    • Remote access to IT team and onsite visits of network engineers when required
    • Data backup and recovery planning to ensure minimal downtime
    • Liaison with all third-party technology providers
    • Managing IT assets, such as licenses and warranties for hardware and softwareย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย 
    • Dedicated Technical Account Manager and Support
    • IT system assessment and proactive monitoring
    • System performance analytics
    • Advice on emerging trends in technology and compliance with industry standards
    • Technology Roadmap & Budget Planning
    • Cloud hosting services that provides scalability and ensure affordability
    • Regular reporting on system health and usage pattern for timely detection of security vulnerabilities and potential cyber threats
    • Cyber security compliance

    Our Services

    Choose from our range of outsourced IT services that suits best your business IT needs:


    IT Support

    Do not let IT issues hinder your day to day business operations and overall productivity. IT issues can happen anywhere, anytime. Therefore, we offer dedicated and ultra-responsive onsite and remote IT support. While a majority of technical issues can be resolved with remote assistance, our network engineers will quickly reach your site for onsite troubleshooting of technical issues.


    IT Strategy & Consultancy

    Our IT professionals will collaborate with your in-house IT team to craft a perfect IT strategy for your business. For this purpose, we will assess your business IT needs and help you make the right decision. And what makes us even better at this, is our extensive experience of working in different sectors and industries. With our top-notch expertise and years long experience, we will enable you to elevate your IT system. ย 


    Proactive Monitoring & Dedicated Support

    Our IT experts will proactively monitor your IT system for proactive detection of issues and cyber threats. From configuration, disk cleanups, back-ups, patches, and upgradation, we will handle all; keeping your IT system up and running with optimal performance.


    IT Projects Management

    Hire some of our highly skilled IT professionals to work as an extension of your existing IT department for the seamless and successful completion of your IT projects.ย  ย 


    Cyber Security Services

    Ensure your digital assets are secure and well protected by ensuring cyber security compliance. Our cyber security experts are equipped with knowledge and expertise of emerging trends in technology and cyber security. We will continuously evaluate the IT system, identify loopholes, and make necessary adjustments to fortify your digital frontier. ย 


    Strategic Technology Planning

    Stay updated and ahead of the technology curve with strategic planning and road mapping to support your business goals.


    IT Assessment

    Get a detailed assessment of your IT system, identify system vulnerabilities, and areas of improvement, and make necessary improvements to maximize system efficiency.


    Outsourced IT services

    For those small and medium-sized enterprises who donโ€™t have access to in-house IT support, we offer outsourced IT support and services. Our IT services are fully customized to the specific requirements of our clients. You can choose the desired service that might include help desk support, IT assessment, network management, IT relocation, and so on.

    Here is what makes us the best for outsourced IT support for businesses!

    Group 1873
    • 24/7 dedicated custom support
    • Onsite and remote IT support
    • Proven track record
    • Customized plans
    • Agile and flexible approach
    • Single point of contact
    • Vendor-neutral
    • Focused on quality
    • Cyber security compliance

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