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Empowering Your Business Through Technology
Xinix takes pride in being the most reliable and trusted IT Managed Service Provider for all sorts of IT support in Southwark. For over 15 years, we have been enabling businesses to achieve IT excellence with our IT solutions; in the areas of IT support and services, cyber security, cloud backup, communication, and connectivity solutions.
With our customer-centric approach, we offer fully customized IT solutions to our clients to cater to their specific needs and goals. Furthermore, we continually strive to provide the highest level of service to build lasting customer relationships. Our dedicated team of IT professionals works round-the-clock to ensure that each business’ IT expectations are met.
Partner with us for ongoing IT support and services, optimize IT systems, and maximize efficiency.

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    A Smarter And Safe Approach To IT Support

    We provide a comprehensive suite of managed IT services in Southwark for local businesses and organizations. Whether you’re working from the office full-time, hybrid, or have a remote working team, we have IT solutions for all.
    A team of IT experts will be working round the clock to ensure prompt response to your queries. Besides remote assistance, we offer onsite assistance for troubleshooting IT issues. A combination of advanced technologies, skills, and expertise of our IT experts enables a smarter and safer IT approach for our clients.

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    Transforming Businesses With Managed IT Services

    Xinix is enabling businesses to unlock the full potential of their IT system with our reliable business IT support services. You can outsource the desired services as per your business’s specific needs. We offer help desk support, IT system assessment, audit and maintenance, and cybersecurity to begin with. In addition, we offer cloud storage, data backup, and disaster recovery, IT security, Microsoft 365, and IT strategy planning.

    For small and medium-sized businesses, our outsourced IT support services are an ideal choice; without having to compromise on service quality.

    Your Go-To Provider For Managed IT Support In Southwark

    Choose from our range of IT services that fits well your IT needs and align with your business goals.


    Onsite And Remote IT Support

    Proactive system monitoring and ongoing support both for remote and onsite IT issues. Our IT experts are up and responsive 24/7 to assist and resolve technical queries through help desk services. In addition, our network engineers will be there in 30 minutes if there is some onsite technical complexity.  


    IT Strategy & Consultancy

    Let our IT experts design an IT strategy that serves well your IT needs and aligns best with your business goals. upgrade your IT system to thrive in today’s tech-driven era. 


    Proactive Monitoring & System Assessment

    Our team will ensure proactive monitoring of the IT system to timely identify hardware failure and software-related issues. Furthermore, this enables us to proactively identify system vulnerabilities and cyber threats. System configuration, disk cleanups, software patches, and data backup and hardware upgradation, we have got all this covered.


    IT Projects Management

    When the deadline is approaching and you need an additional workforce to successfully complete an IT project, outsource our IT experts. Our highly skilled IT professionals will work as an extension of your existing IT team and ensure the successful completion of your IT projects.  


    Cyber Security Services

    Ensure your digital assets are secure and well protected by ensuring cyber security compliance. Our cyber security experts are equipped with knowledge and expertise of emerging trends in technology and cyber security. We will continuously evaluate the IT system, identify areas of improvement, and make necessary adjustments to protect against cyber threats.


    Strategic Technology Planning

    Stay updated and ahead of the technology curve with strategic planning and road mapping to support your business goals.


    IT Assessment 

    Get a detailed assessment of your IT system, identify system vulnerabilities, and areas of improvement, and to optimize IT systems and maximize efficiency.


    Cloud computing services

    We will help you move your traditional on-premises infrastructure to cloud computing seamlessly so you stay ahead of the technology curve.

    Here is what makes us the best for IT support in Southwark!


    Personalized Approach

    We understand that every business is unique, and so should its IT solutions. Therefore, we offer customized solutions built around your business’s needs.


    Flexible plans & reduced costs

    As a provider of outsourced IT Support and services, we help businesses save their budget spent on IT needs, without having to compromise on the quality of services. Also, we have flexible plans and pay-as-you-go IT solutions as well.


    Continuous Assessment

    Our team will continuously monitor the IT infrastructure to identify areas of improvement and system Vulnerabilities as well.        


    Dedicated support

    Our team is up and responsive 24/7 and ensures proactive system monitoring. Enjoy the peace of mind that your IT system is running optimally without any disruption.      


    Protection from Cyber threats

    We ensure the best cyber security measures and regulatory compliance to protect your digital assets from potential cyber-attacks. 

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