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IT Support In Hertfordshire

Technology is great when it works but is also prone to errors and glitches. And when something like this happens, it directly impacts the day-to-day business operations and overall productivity. Xinix – a leading provider of managed and outsourced IT support services, is here to help you with this. With a team of accredited IT professionals, we have been transforming tech troubles into triumphs with our comprehensive and proactive IT support in Hertfordshire. Whether you are looking for a partner for an ongoing IT support contract or want fully outsourced IT support services, we are the partner you can rely on.

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    Enabling Businesses Thrive In a Competitive Business Landscape With Fully Managed IT Support In Hertfordshire

    For over a decade, Xinix has been empowering businesses with all sorts of IT support services. Experience IT excellence with our incredibly responsive, rapid, and flexible business IT support.
    Partner with us today and unlock new realms of IT excellence for your business and stay ahead of the technology curve.

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    Delivering IT excellence for SMEs in Hertfordshire

    We deliver personalized IT support services to cater to your business’s specific requirements. Our services include but not limited to:          

    • Installation of IT system; servers, network, and hardware   
    • System monitoring and regular assessment
    • IT experts and engineers for all levels of IT support  
    • Assisting with applications such as Microsoft Office and server-based software
    • Regular reporting on system vulnerabilities and areas of improvement    
    • Technical Account Manager consultancy and strategy roadmap
    • 24/7 assistance and customer support

    Our Services

    We deliver a range of managed IT support in Hertfordshire for SMEs, organizations and charities.


    Onsite and Remote IT Support

    Xinix provides all sorts of managed IT services and support. Our accredited IT professionals and experts work round the clock to improve your IT infrastructure. we offer dedicated onsite and remote IT support to troubleshoot IT-related issues. No matter what hour it is, our team will be available and responsive 24/7 for troubleshooting and assistance.


    Help Desk Service

    Our experts will be available 24/7 to accept, track, and respond to customer queries ensuring an exceptional customer experience.


    Third-party Management

    Hand over your suppliers and vendors management tasks to us. It means there will be a significant reduction in management and administration overheads. Enjoy peace of mind while we handle this and you can invest the time and resources in core business productivity.


    Microsoft 365 Support        

    As a certified Microsoft Partner, we will help you with the installation, configuration, and management of Microsoft 365 suite and related office apps.

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    Networking And Installation

    Our team of some of the best IT experts and network engineers will handle your business IT infrastructure, installation and networking requirements. The goal is to ensure your IT system is running with optimal performance and minimal disruption.


    IT System Audit   

    Identify your IT system’s vulnerabilities and area of improvement through advanced techniques such as penetration testing and PCI scanning. Our experts will devise an IT strategy to overcome such issues and to ensure optimal performance of the IT system. 


    IT Strategy & Consultancy

    Upgrade your IT system in accordance with advanced technologies with our IT strategy and consultancy services. We will design and implement a robust IT strategy and essential security roadmap for your business.


    IT Projects Management

    Ensure on-time and successful completion of your IT projects by outsourcing our IT project management service.     

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    Why choose us?

    • Customized IT solutions
    • 24/7 dedicated support
    • Accredited IT professionals
    • Onsite and remote technical assistance
    • Agile and flexible approach 
    • Fully featured package 
    • Cyber security compliance

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