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Business IT Support In Hammersmith And Fulham

Maximize Your IT System Efficiency With Award-Winning Managed IT Support In Hammersmith And Fulham
Xinix is an award-winning and reliable IT support provider, offering technical support to local businesses, organizations and charities. Whether you are seeking network installation services, onsite IT support, or assistance for a remotely working team, we deliver a comprehensive suite of managed IT services. Our highly skilled IT professionals with year’s long expertise, will implement robust IT strategy customized around your business specific IT needs.
Unlock the full potential of your business IT system with Xinix. Let us handle your business IT needs while you focus on core operation and boost productivity.

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    Get The Best Deal For Managed IT Services

    We value our clients and we make sure that you get the maximum value of your money. With our outsourced IT support services, you can significantly save your budget spent on in-house IT departments. Partner with us and avail the best deal on your hardware, equipment, and support service.
    In addition to our managed IT support services, we offer related services; business broadband, IT procurement, IT strategy, system audit, security scans, and IT relocation.

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    Premium IT Support In Hammersmith And Fulham

    Xinix brings the best of IT support services for businesses, enabling them thrive and stay ahead of the technology curve:

    • London-based offices
    • 99.99% guaranteed uptime
    • Onsite and remote
    • IT support
    • Proactive Network
    • Monitoring & system audit
    • Industry-leading Service level agreement  
    • 24/7 dedicated customer support

    24/7 IT Support & Data Backup

    Our IT experts will monitor your business IT system round-the-clock, for proactive threat detection and system errors to prevent unforeseen events such as system outages and data loss.
    In addition, your critical data is backed up and stored in real-time to ensure easy recovery, with minimum disruption and financial impact.
    Our team will devise a detailed contingency plan and redundancy measures making sure your business IT system is up and running with optimal efficiency:

    At A Glance

    Fast, Efficient, And Reliable Managed IT Support

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    We take pride in being the pioneer and trusted managed IT services provider for businesses in Hammersmith and Fulham. Our goal is to empower businesses with provision of high quality IT support services. Our team will keep your business IT system up and running seamlessly while you focus on core business operations and productivity.

    • System monitoring 24/7, regular assessment and maintenance
    • Remote support for wide range of technology solutions
    • Completely customized IT solutions crafted around your business specific goals and IT needs    
    • Provision of onsite engineering expertise for technical complexities that require onsite assistance 
    • Feedback and continuous evaluation of services to improve IT infrastructure; and to stay updated with industry standard and emerging trends in technology
    • Backup and redundancy measures to ensure minimal disruption
    • A dedicated team of tech experts available and responsive 24/7 for technical queries and troubleshooting of IT issues    
    • Regular reporting, mentoring, system updates, patch management
    • Security scans to identify system vulnerabilities and make subsequent improvements
    • Cyber security compliance as per industry standard

    Elevate Your IT System Performance - IT Support In Hammersmith And Fulham

    Having worked with multiple clients across various industries, our team has extensive experience in dealing IT challenges. Our IT support services are customized to cater to your business goals and specific needs. Our services include:


    Microsoft 365 Productivity Suite

    Installation, configuration and management of Microsoft 365 applications


    Onsite and remote IT support

    Remote IT support as well as onsite technical assistance for complex technical issues


    Cyber security Compliance

    Implantation of cyber security best practices and cyber security compliance as per industry standard


    Data Backup And Redundancy Measures

    Real time data backup in cloud storage and redundancy measures to ensure minimal disruption and downtime


    System Assessment And Proactive Management

    Continuous system evaluation and assessment to identify areas of impairment and ensure optimal performance with proactive management


    Employee Training  

    Employee training to create cyber security awareness and to stay updated with emerging trends in technology

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