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Tech Troubles? Not Anymore! Navigate IT Challenges With Reliable IT Support Services In Hackney
Xinix has established itself as a reliable and experienced provider of Managed IT Services in Hackney. With over 15 years of innovation, we specialize in delivering all sorts of managed IT support services to local businesses, organizations, and charities.
We take pride in being the leading provider of outsourced IT support in Hackney in the areas of cyber security, cloud backup, storage, IT relocation, and maintenance. And we continually strive to deliver the best possible level of IT support to our clients. In addition, we offer customized plans and a personal range of in-house expertise, crafted around your business’s specific IT needs.
Partner with us and unlock the full potential of your IT system.

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    Redefining IT Support Excellence In Hackney

    With a team of highly skilled IT experts and over 15 years’ worth of experience, we are helping businesses overcome IT challenges. We make sure to customize our IT strategy to cater to your business-specific needs. you will be assigned a dedicated team that will work in collaboration with your in-house IT department to create bespoke IT solutions that fit your budget.

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    Thriving Together With End-To-End IT Support In Hackney

    Xinix brings you top-notch managed IT support services along with a full range of Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace support and implementation packages. From configuration, to installation and management, our team will handle all for you, while ensuring minimal downtime and optimal system functioning. Let us handle your business IT system while you can focus on core business operations, boost productivity and generate revenue.

    Stay Up-To-Date With Emerging Trends And Technologies

    Technology is great when it works and Xinix is here to help you ensure it. In addition, your business doesn’t just need technology but must stay updated with emerging trends and advanced technologies. Our IT experts are fully equipped with knowledge, skills, and expertise to professionally manage your business’s IT forefront; thus providing best-in-class IT Support in Hackney for years.

    Here Is Why Your Business Should Go For Outsourced IT Support!

    Your go-to partner for all sorts of Managed IT Support Services


    Support that Scales

    Large enterprises often have an in-house IT team and ample resources to keep their IT system up and running; with minimal downtime and disruption. The challenge is for small and medium-sized businesses with limited budgets. outsourcing IT support services from a reliable provider gives access to IT experts and resources for the optimal functioning of the IT system. consistent support, evaluation, and continuing improvements in the IT system, help businesses stay ahead of the technology curve and thrive.


    Cyber Security Compliance

    We will implement the best security measures and cyber security compliance to safeguard your digital assets. Furthermore, we will continuously evaluate the IT system, identify loopholes and make necessary adjustments to fortify your digital frontier.    


    Proactive Monitoring & Dedicated Support

    Our IT experts will proactively monitor your IT system for proactive detection of issues and cyber threats. from configuration, disk cleanups, back-ups, patches, and upgradation, we will handle all; keeping your IT system up and running with optimal performance.


    Personalized Plans

    We follow a client-centric approach and make sure to deliver personalized plans to every business we work with. By partnering with us, you will be assigned a dedicated technical account manager and a team of accredited IT experts who will manage all your business IT needs.

    At A Glance

    Your Go-To Partner For Managed IT Support Services

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    Xinix has undoubtedly elevated the tech support standards for businesses in Hackney. We offer a comprehensive suite of IT support services for small and medium-sized enterprises. Our services include but are not just limited to              

    • Installation of the IT system; servers, network, and hardware   
    • Checking web connectivity, server availability, and backup options
    • Liaison with all third-party technology providers
    • Managing IT assets, such as licenses and warranties for hardware and software    
    • 24/7 Helpdesk services
    • Remote and onsite IT support    
    • Dedicated Technical Account Manager and Support
    • IT system assessment and proactive monitoring
    • System performance analytics
    • Technology Roadmap & Budget Planning

    Why Choose Us?

    Get premium IT support in Croydon for fully featured, managed IT support services at the lowest possible rates.


    Secure And Certified

    We adhere to the security compliance and data security best practices and deliver the best of IT support services.


    Personalized Approach

    We understand that every business is unique, and so should its IT solutions. Therefore, we offer completely customized solutions built around your business’s specific needs.


    IT Experts

    A dedicated team of tech experts to have all your IT needs covered. Having worked with several clients across multiple industries, our team has extensive experience in this field. let us handle your business’s IT operations while you focus on productivity and growth.


    Continuous Assessment

    Our team will continuously monitor the IT infrastructure to identify areas of improvement and system vulnerabilities as well.    


    Early Warning

    Proactive threat identification and warnings of potential issues to mitigate the risks of downtime and disruption.


    Flexible Plans

    We offer flexible rolling contracts so you don’t have to stay tied down in long-term contracts.


    24/7 Support

    A dedicated support team offering assistance and troubleshooting of IT related issues, all 24/7.

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