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IT Relocation Services

Hassle-free and safe IT equipment storage, delivery, relocation, and reinstallment
Data Center And Office IT Moves – From Planning To Deployments

When shifting to a new location or consolidating, you will need to move your IT setup, devices, servers, and equipment. Xinix will be the trustworthy partner you will need for this. Our team of experts will plan the move, make necessary changes, and deploy expensive equipment in data center and office environments.

For a seamless transition, our experts will break down the whole project into small and manageable activities. We will address all of your concerns till the successful completion of the project. And while doing so, we will make sure to protect the integrity all valuable stuff and system components.

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    Your Trusted Partner For IT Relocation Services

    Our IT relocation services are based on customer-centric approach where we create a partnership centered on trust and communication. From planning to deployment, our team will work closely with you to understand your requirements. With continuous monitoring and assessment, we will deliver an optimized project and support throughout the process. Being a partner with us for IT relocation services will save your valuable time and resources and you will get the desired outcome in less time and budget.


    Xinix is committed to providing top-notch IT relocation services for hassle-free and secure equipment storage, delivery, and installation. We understand that moving offices is an arduous task and needs utmost care for valuable IT equipment to prevent damage. With our expertise and thorough planning, we are here to help you with IT hardware relocation.

    Our dedicated team understands the critical nature of your IT equipment and the importance of minimal downtime. We ensure thorough assessment, planning, careful packaging, fast and secure transportation, and reinstallation. Servers, computers, networking devices, and data centers, we handle all sorts of IT hardware relocation, within assigned time frame and budget.

    Specialized in Moving Valuable IT Hardware – IT Relocation Services

    Our professional team conduct a detailed assessment and develop a comprehensive action plan to make your move successful. With Xinix, your digital assets are in safe hands.


    When planning the move, our team will do a detailed assessment. This will help us to devise:

    • A Checklist Of Migration Overview – To make sure everything goes smoothly and as planned, our experts will create a checklist so both parties can assess the progress of the project at every step.
    • Backup Plan – To mitigate the risk of data loss, our experts will create a data backup in external servers or the cloud. You can always retrieve valuable data just in case of some unforeseen event.
    • Switch-over Procedures – From your current office to the next location, switch-over procedures will help us ensure an efficient and seamless transition.
    • Risk Assessment – Another key consideration when planning the move, is risk assessment. This will help us take preventive measures and give you an idea about possible hitches during the move.
    • Rollback Strategies – Just to be prepared for any possible disruptions during the moving process, we will have clear rollback strategies and contingency plans in place.

    Our first step of IT relocation is a thorough assessment of your IT infrastructure, devices, and hardware components. this assessment enables us to devise a proper plan of action.

    We will assess if the servers are being moved in the rack or dismounted. Additionally, we will verify the travel path and estimate the time to power down the servers and related components, and ensure the availability of phone systems such as VoIP during the relocation process, etc. Furthermore, our team will do all the necessary arrangements to set up your new office. With all these details, our team can effectively plan, procure and execute your IT office relocation.

    It Relocation

    Efficient Packing, Handling, And Moving

    Our expert team will carefully pack, move, and unpack your office equipment, furniture, server, devices, and related stuff. We use bubble wrap and padded sheets for fragile equipment and devices.

    Efficient IT Hardware Relocation

    Β Save your valuable time and downtime for business operations. Our team will work diligently for seamless, smooth, and fast IT hardware relocation.

    It Relocation

    Experience And The Right Set Of Expertise

    Β Our team of highly skilled experts has extensive experience in IT relocation services. We can handle all IT devices, hardware and office furniture with utmost care and efficiency.

    Disposal Of Unwanted Items

    If you want to get rid of damaged items or furniture, we will properly dispose of the unwanted items, saving you time and effort.

    It Relocation

    Storage Solutions

    We also offer safe and secure storage spaces for office equipment for temporary storage while moving offices.

    Peace Of Mind

    Entrusting your IT relocation services to Xinix guarantees an efficient, secure, and seamless transition to your new office. Have the peace of mind while we handle all of this on your behalf.

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