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Transform your video surveillance with our reliable CCTV camera installation services & cloud management

Traditional on-premises surveillance setup is no longer compatible with today’s digital business landscape. Embrace the future of surveillance with our advanced Cloud storage, management, and CCTV installation services.Xinix is committed to transforming your organization’s surveillance system with CCTV camera system installation and cloud management.

We specialize in designing, planning, and CCTV system installation for homes and offices. Our services include IP video surveillance systems, CCTV cameras for home, outdoor CCTV cameras, wireless CCTV camera, CCTV monitoring, and video analytics.

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    Cloud-based Surveillance System is the future – Here is why?

    Cloud-based and wireless CCTV systems are the future of surveillance and security. These are more robust, reliable, and cost-effective and require less hardware maintenance. Here is what makes them an ideal choice for any business:


    Enables Cloud Storage

    Cloud-based surveillance and CCTV systems bypass the need and cost of traditional DVR or NVR. Data is directly uploaded and stored into a cloud server and is easily accessible from any remote location. Direct cloud storage ensures data redundancy and also minimizes risks of data loss.


    Advanced Features

    Advanced cloud-based CCTV camera system installation offers numerous helpful features that were lacking in conventional surveillance systems. For instance, features such as facial recognition, motion detection, object identification, detailed video analytics, remote access, and video playback. These features enhance the security and surveillance of an organization.


    Empower your Security System

    Our outdoor CCTV cameras help you strengthen your organization’s security infrastructure. We have a team of expert CCTV installers who will help you throughout the CCTV camera installation so you can prevent mishaps, determine unsafe points, and streamline your business operations.

    Our Expertise


    CCTV Camera Installation


    Access Control Systems


    Commercial Security


    Remote Monitoring


    CCTV cameras for home


    Wireless CCTV camera


    Wireless CCTV camera outdoor


    Security Systems Repair

    CRM Integrations

    Access Control Systems, CCTV cameras, Surveillance, Intercoms, Card Readers, Biometric Systems, Buzzer Systems


    Integrated Surveillance and CCTV Camera Installation

    Our expert CCTV installers will plan, design and install integrated surveillance and security system installation for your homes and businesses. We understand that surveillance camera installation is a serious investment. Therefore, our expert CCTV installers ensure to offer the best-suited plan and guide you so you can make the best decision for your business and family.


    Access Control System

    We specialize in access control systems, intrusion detection, and CCTV monitoring. skillfully designed with sophisticated technology, the access control system can be applied to multiple entry points on your property. Sleep easy knowing that your family and valuables are secure and well protected.


    Smart Home Solutions

    Our smart home CCTV system provides you with smart home solutions. You can also control it with your smartphone. Our smart home security solutions are fully flexible and customizable, which means you can choose your desired features.


    CCTV Monitoring and Video Recording

    In addition to our reliable CCTV installation services, we offer CCTV monitoring, security system audits, and video recording services as well. Video recordings are stored in cloud storage, which is easily accessible whenever you want and there is no risk of data loss.

    Expert CCTV Camera Installation Services in the UK

    Cloud-based CCTV cameras are the need of the hour for offices and homes as well. Here at Xinix, we are proud to be the UK's most reliable CCTV camera installer, a company you can rely on. Security camera installation gives you peace of mind when you are away from the office or home. It may be your family vacation time and you want to ensure your home is safe and secure. Our team is equipped with the right set of skills and expertise for closed-circuit television camera installation. We will guide you in choosing the ideal security system installation.


    Comprehensive Security System Installation

    At Xinix, we specialize in CCTV camera installation and offer a comprehensive suite of security system installation services. From closed-circuit TV installation to security camera installation, you can count on us for office and home CCTV installation services.

    Protect your home and offices with our high-definition, 4K ultra HD CCTV camera and security system. Our security system installation is equipped with the latest technologies such as intrusion detection, night vision coverage, and notification alerts received directly on your mobile phone app. Furthermore, the cameras will monitor and record every activity on your premises and store it in the cloud so you can review it any time you want. We also offer a two-year warranty for CCTV cameras and security system installation and provide dedicated support 24/7.

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    Your Security Matters To Us

    We understand that your offices and homes are your biggest assets. That is why, we suggest that investing in CCTV camera installation is the right choice. CCTV security camera is a visible message to intruders and anyone not welcome on your premises.        

    Our professional CCTV camera installation services are crafted around the user’s specific requirements, and budget. You can choose single or multiple cameras, HD footage, infra-red options, and a complete security system installation.

    You can view the live feed on your smartphone, retrieve and review footage from previous days, and upgrade your security system if required. We are not just a one-time CCTV installer, rather we provide continuous support, comprehensive repair, and maintenance services to make sure your property is under watchful eyes. 

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