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Your reliable, responsive, and trusted partner for all sorts of managed IT support services

With our result-oriented approach to IT consultation and solutions, we have got all your IT needs covered, so you can focus your energy on core business operations.

Curated with highly skilled IT experts, we deliver you all forms of advanced and essential Managed IT services to help flourish your business.

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Your Outsourced Managed IT Support Services Provider!

Most of the internal IT departments work with a reactive approach – only dealing with the issues that arise resulting in unpredictable issues that demand time and energy to sort out. Moreover, you need to constantly invest time and resources into training programs to keep them up to date with the latest advancements and technology. However, all of this can easily be avoided, especially if you are an SME, by outsourcing IT services to a managed IT service provider.

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Your partner – more than a provider!

Our dedicated team of IT experts is highly skilled and equipped with all of the industry tools required to run your IT securely and efficiently. We work relentlessly to deliver exceptional managed IT support services, ensuring that you have an unparalleled experience and have all the IT solutions they need.

We categorize our Managed IT Services into four areas

Managed IT Support

Customized around your current and future IT needs, we offer fully managed IT support services. We offer a help desk, onsite emergency visits, disaster recovery to dedicated account management, and all sorts of outsourced IT support services so you can focus your energy on important business operations while our IT experts handle all your IT needs.

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Managed IT Infrastructure

With our IT hardware management, patch management, and capacity plans around your devices, our Xinix team will manage your entire IT infrastructure footprint. From regular hardware management, device automation, and cloud management to server backup, asset management, and procurement. Meanwhile, we offer it all at Xinix!

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Managed Cybersecurity

In the digital age, cybersecurity is a crucial business concern. Our Chief Information Security Officers monitor and protect your cloud data, keeping your staff secure in and out of the office.

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Managed Virtual CIO Team

Our Virtual Chief Information Operation team offers you a fully-managed IT service. Entrusting your current and future IT needs to Xinix means you have immediate access to the industry’s leading IT support provider.

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Why Choose Xinix as IT Managed Service Provider?

Here at Xinix, we take pride in our values and the quality of our services.

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Team of IT Experts

Get assistance from our dedicated team of highly skilled and top IT experts for all your IT needs.


Proactive approach

We implement a proactive approach for IT solutions so you can have minimal downtime and fewer glitches.

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Support across Channels

Solve customer support tickets via email, phone, web, SMS, and social media – all in one place.

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Peace of mind

Let us handle all your current and future IT needs so you don’t have to. Enjoy peace of mind and focus your time and energy on business growth and success.

Cost Saving

Cost-efficient Services

Our IT support packages have been carefully designed to provide you with a comprehensive and affordable selection of IT services.


Dedicated and responsive Customer Care

Established for over 15 years, we take pride in our empathetic approach toward customer care. Available round the clock, we use clear, comfortable language and are always available offering real-time tech support whenever you need it.

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All-in-One IT Solution

We offer a custom package in addition to standard packages which allows you to get a total IT solution with all services in one package, at a fixed monthly rate, making us a one-stop-all for your IT concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Home VoIP Landline Services

Landline VoIP phone services is the best way to make cost effective calls over the internet both within the UK and internationally. You dont need your traditional land line anymore, a residential VoIP service offers a range of free features

  • Voicemail
  • Call forwarding
  • Caller ID
  • Call history
  • Online billing and PBX management
Can I keep my existing number ?

Yes you can keep your existing home phone number, there is a small porting fee of Β£10 plus VAT. However most of our packages include free porting

How long does number transfer take?

Number transfer takes between 5-10 days max, and during this time there is a no loss of service.

When I sign my contract with Xinix do I cancel my landline phone service with my current provider?

No, you must keep your old landline phone services with your current provider, once we transfer your existing number your original landline services will automatically cease.

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