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Integrations Overview

Technology has exceptionally simplified the way businesses are managed and run today. As we speak, businesses across the globe are data-driven. Most organisations can now come up with useful and effective strategies just by analysing data of their relationship and interaction with potential and current customers. This is all possible thanks to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools.

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Furthermore, to level up this efficiency, did you know that you can unify your business VoIP system with your CRM tools? Up to now, a lot has been said about the shakeup VoIP has caused in the communication world, and most businesses have wholeheartedly embraced it as the new efficient and cost-effective way of communication. With the unification of VoIP systems with your CRM software, you’ll have endless possibilities for streamlining your business operations. And, that’s what today’s post is all about. We are going to delve into some of the interesting advantages your business can capitalise on by the integration of the two systems.

Most VoIP service providers have already taken note of the new order in the business world. They are adapting to this new order by allowing unification of their VoIP systems with well-known and widely used CRM tools like Salesforce, Oracle, SAP, and Highrise. So, let us now have a look at what merits of the unification of VoIP and CRM systems bring to the table;

Better Client Information

Gone are the days when call agents had to physically note down all the details of their communication with clients whether it was through a voice or video call. Some of the details that agents had to record for instance were preferences of the customers and their phone numbers.

The unified VoIP and CRM system can record all this information instantly. For the IP system providers that have a feature that allows the recording of conversations, then it becomes easy to come up with a complete profile of a customer. This is because the customer’s contact details will be archived together with the recorded conversations.
The unified VoIP and CRM system will also help in tracking critical customer trends that will be useful in creating better relations between your business and your customers. Through the integrated system, your business will be able to tell whether the customer called through a personal/mobile number or an office number, the time of the day the customer prefers to be called and if the call was a voice or video call.

The integrated CRM system, therefore, leads to better handling and management of client information that helps in effectively breaking down and analysing critical customer trends.

Improved Customer Experience

It is fairly easy to tell the customer preferences through the unified VoIP and CRM systems. Through the system, an agent can view the information of the caller before they answer the call.

On top of that, the agent can also take a closer look at the specific products the customer purchased before or the products previously viewed by the customer. All that information gives the agent a better understanding of the customer’s preferences. It will consequently help in quickly and efficiently solving the client’s needs and convincing them to make an order. The less time a sales agent takes on a client and successfully helps in closing a deal, the more customers the agent can handle and the more money your business can bring in. It all boils down to the customer service. CRM integration helps in that by making the customers feel like the company understands them. Who wouldn’t buy from such a business? Wouldn’t you?

Closed Loop Analytics

As you already know by now, client information captured through the CRM system helps in understanding the customer needs better. The information is then used to come up with better and effective marketing plans. So, the sharing of the analysed customer information and trends between the departments tasked with marketing and the sales is what is referred to as ‘closed-loop analytics.’

Unification of a VoIP system with a CRM system will give the marketing team a chance to execute different effective strategies without the usual extra strain that leads to loss of time and energy.

Consequently, the team will be able to learn how their customers or potential customers respond to the tested strategies. In that way, the company can work on making the customer experience better based on the customer’s reception of the different ideas implemented.

Improved Agent Productivity

There is nothing as time-consuming and tiresome as physically recording clients’ information as well as digging through the company records to retrieve clients’ information. A lot of time is also wasted when agents are forced to ask the customers leading questions that the clients had already been asked in earlier conversations in an attempt to remember their preferences. For sure, no one likes to answer the same question repeatedly. And such incidences will make customers feel like the business never listens or take time to understand their needs.

Even worse, sifting through large volumes of data also increases the chance of an agent making an error. As we’ve already pointed out, a unified CRM and VoIP system will effortlessly solve such problems. Your business agents no longer need to go through that hustle. Instead, integrated CRM systems will make the sales and call agents more effective by saving their time significantly and reducing chances of errors. This eventually improves their productivity.

Improved Management

The information from the unified VoIP and CRM system can also be used to come up with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for agents. The KPIs could include the number of calls the agents respond to on a daily basis, the amount of time each agent takes per call, just to mention but a few.

Your business managers can then use that information to improve the way particular agents operate by either reassigning tasks to other agents or directing agents on how better to handle particular situations. The information can also be used in coming up with better business strategies to take the business to the next level.


Having discussed the ways in which your business can make massive gains from the unification of VoIP and CRM system, it is important to remember that information is power. Understanding your customers’ needs to the smallest details gives you a head start over your competitors. That detailed information can best be gathered through the integrated VoIP and CRM systems.

There is no shortage of unified VoIP and CRM systems in the market whose cost will vary based on your company needs. Mind you; it is wrong to assume that if your business has a unified IP and VoIP system, this will result in an instant improvement in customer relations and massive business gains. While unification my help to a certain extent, it is all about how you utilise the information from the system.

So, get a unified VoIP and CRM system for your business, be strategic on how you use the information, sit back and watch your business move to heights you didn’t imagine before.

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