How Pipedrive CRM Integration can Improve Sales Process

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a sophisticated and centralized application designed to consolidate, manage and analyze customer-related data. A CRM software combines strategies and technologies to collect, organize and analyze customer data, account information, sales history, record and so on.

With the help of this organized and structured info, CRM integration boosts sales, enhances services, customer satisfaction rate and thus guarantees business growth.

Those days are long gone when business was all about price and quality. Of course, both of these still matter. However, nowadays, businesses have more growth when they have strong customer relationships, up to date, real time, and organized data and all key metrics along with these factors.

CRM integration provides actionable insights, ensures seamless workflow, better communication, enhanced team productivity and high sales. As per the reports of Fortune Business Insights, the global CRM market is estimated to hit $145 billion in 2029 compared to $64 billion in 2022.

Key features of an ideal CRM software

Many Saas (software as a service) companies offer CRM integration. However, make sure the CRM software is:

  • User-friendly & easy to comprehend 
  • Robust technology
  • Easy Automation
  • Customizable according to your business demands 
  • Ease of access from anywhere
  • Security and privacy
  • Cost effective for your business

Pipedrive CRM

Making it to ‘Forbes Cloud 100’ companies in 2018, pipedrive CRM is undoubtedly among the top customer relationship management software. This cloud-based Saas company was established in 2010. In 2019, the company was among Europe’s fastest growing companies and achieved the milestone financial ‘Unicorn’ in 2020. The reason behind this success is unbeatable services, exceptional quality as well as amazing features that pipedrive now has over 100,000+ happy clients in 179 countries.

Here is what makes pipedrive CRM so worthwhile!

Some of the key features of pipedrive CRM are as follow:

  • Visual sales pipeline
  • Customizability
  • Enhanced team collaboration with seamless workflow
  • Web forums
  • Segment leads
  • Activity reminded
  • Web visitor tracking 
  • Revenue forecasting
  • Dashboard and reporting
  • Marketing software integration
  • Lead generation software and much more

Boost your sales with Pipedrive CRM Integration!

In 2023, the CRM market is estimated to grow at CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 13.9%. According to data by Stellaxius, about 87% of small to large scale businesses use CRM integration compared to just 12% in 2019. About 91% of the businesses having more than 11 employees prefer to go for CRM solutions. Most of the businesses believe to achieve higher sales with CRM integrations.

CRM integration factually brings higher sales and business growth. On average, 2/3 of sales forces of a business fail to achieve their sales quota. However, the data by Innoppl Technologies suggest that more than 65% of sales people have achieved their target if they have access to CRM software with their smartphones.

In addition, one of the biggest challenges of the sales team is to timely follow up leads and prioritize sales activities. CRM Integration with Pipedrive ensures high sales, better performance and business growth. Here is how:

Have a real-time, up to date data

Pipedrive CRM offers real time data of customers. Moreover, it provides actionable insights of selling patterns. The average ROI of a CRM software is about $8.71 for every dollar spent. CRM integration can enhance the conversion rate up to 300%.

Know your clients well!

According to the stats, having a strong customer relationship management can boost sales up to 29%. Most of the customers are satisfied if the company knows their personalized needs and wants. Not only this, the easy accessibility and availability of customer’s data may speed up the sales process by as much as 8-14%.   

Rationalize and manage your sales

Pipedrive offers this amazing feature of ‘visual sales pipeline’ that enables you to have the entire sale process at a glance. Furthermore, it offers actionable insights. For instance, a lead conversion rate of 20% reflects that 80% of your leads have been futile. You can also pinpoint the reason behind by thoroughly analyzing your sales process.

Save time and focus on what’s important!

Pipedrive CRM integration releases the sales team from various admin related tasks. With the convenient features of dashboard, reporting, activity reminder, sales insight and so on, it helps to save time. Thus, your sales team can focus on what’s needed. CRM integration can bridge the communication gap between the sales team as much as 52%. Seamless workflow and better team collaboration brings enhanced productivity and thus business growth.

Improved customer service

According to the data by Tech News World, about 74% of businesses have reported better customer services with the use of CRM software. CRM integration has a massive impact on the business-customer relationship. It builds customer trust and loyalty and tremendously enhances conversion rate.

Feature-rich technology with affordability!

Pipe drive pricing is quite budget-friendly and reasonable. Plans starting from just US$9.90/ month and you can choose as per your requirements. Most importantly, pipedrive offers great customizability and add-ons.  


With over 100,000 happy and satisfied clients around the globe, piper drive CRM can be an effective tool for salespersons. Pipedrive CRM Integration can surely help your business grow. With its advanced, sophisticated and comprehensive features, this cloud-based CRM can certainly improve your sales by means of better customer relationships, enhanced team collaboration, offering actionable insights, seamless workflow and much more.

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